As I embarked on my senior year, I began to hear about senior photos and how each senior usually forks out hundreds of dollars for a few high-quality photos in a sunflower field to put on their graduation invitations and post on their Instagrams. While I obviously knew this was something I'd enjoy (I love the girly side of senior year and all of the parties and celebrations), I wondered whether it was worth the money and whether I could afford an experience like this.

March of 2018, I got an email from a local photographer saying that I'd been chosen to represent her photography business. I was a huge fan of her work, and I was ecstatic to get to model for such a talented artist and to learn from her. The first time we met, I was radiating with nervous energy as I took my headshots, unsure if I was good enough to model for a professional photographer. Rebecca Beatty, owner of Rebecca Beatty Photography, made me feel right at home in front of the camera and has taught me so much about not only photography as an art, but also the work it takes to capture a special moment.

I knew that it would be a fun experience, but I was unaware of the impact that working with Rebecca would have on my life. Photography has the ability to change a life in many ways, and I've seen this impact first hand in my life. Throughout my time working with her, I've grown more confident in myself, gotten out of my comfort zone and have had experiences I would never have had otherwise. I've taken photos on a mountain top, in an aquarium with stingrays and at a county fair. These experiences have truly taught me to look for the beauty in the little things and how even the most insignificant details of a location can be made into art.

So if you're considering having your own photography session, I urge you to take the leap. Your photographer will work tirelessly to capture the most special moments and edit them to make them artistic masterpieces. The special memories you'll have forever will be worth the time and money you invest.

Rebecca, thank you for making my senior year special and giving me memories I will carry with me for the rest of my life.