Ask any of my friends and they will call me an old lady. (No this is not because I am older than them.) Rather this is due to the fact that I am the person who even today prefers talking on the phone than texting people.

In the words of my friends and I quote, "I am the two extremes on the rate of reply meter." I either reply ASAP or forget to reply to them for hours and hours. Sometimes it is so bad that I reply to people after days and even weeks.

Considering this, this past week was rather tough for me.

On Saturday, my friends and I were at the mall and on our way back, I had to book an Uber. While I booked an uber and spoke to the driver. The minute she hung up on me my phone turned off and never turned back on.

My first instinct was that of panic! I did not know what was wrong and why my phone had automatically shut down.

Anyone who knows me knows that my first instinct is always panic, and hence my friends were expecting this.

After being scolded by my friend, I left my phone on charge for a while and decided to go out.

Once we returned, I tried rebooting my phone but it was of no use! The white background that should be displayed when restarting an iPhone would not come.

After a while, my friend accidentally called me and my phone started vibrating.

This made me realize that my phone was fine and that the display was gone. Panic left me and I decided to make an appointment to get it repaired.

I got an appointment the weekend later, this meant that I had to survive a week without a working phone with a working sim card.

While I did have a spare phone (my Indian Phone), due to it being an international app store, some of the Apps that I usually use did not work.

My friends were convinced that I would not be able to survive a week without my phone and had bet on how soon I would disappear from their radars.

But I survived!

In the growing time of social media and texting, I was left without a phone for a week, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I must admit, it was hard. As hard as it was, I feel that it was worth it and was more like an eye-opener rather than being a punishment for me being careless with my phone.

I got a whole lot of work done, I was not the person who was always on her phone anymore. I replied faster to people (for the shock and happiness of my friends) and I learned that there is a world outside of social media.

As absurd as it sounds! I learned something from this past week.

I learned that as fun and exciting as it is, social media is not a way of life but it is more of a luxury and I for one would not mind taking small breaks from it. (There is no way I am going off of it!)