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7 Emotional Phases We All Encounter Before, During, And After Concerts

Post-Concert Depression? Yeah, it's real.


If you're like me, you love a good concert. Nothing compares to the feeling you get when you hear one of your favorite songs being performed live, right in front of you, sung by the artists you only dream to win meet-and-greets with one day. At the multiple concerts I have been to, here are some emotions I have gone through, and I know everyone around me has too.

1. Buying the tickets


Happy, happy, happy—even though the concert is anywhere from three months to even 12 months in advance! You enter the concert date in your favorite "countdown" app on your phone to start counting down the days. You may even post about it on your Snapchat story—besides, maybe a friend who sees the post is planning to go too!

2. A month or two before

*Listens to singer you're seeing in concert and that singer only* Even though you already know every word to every song, it's better to practice more and get yourself pumped up for one of the best nights ever!!

3. Two weeks before


*Raids closet for a cute outfit that isn't on your Instagram yet* Let's be honest, even if you have an all-time favorite outfit that is perfect for the night, it's worth repeating—we know you have a washing machine! Although, a little shopping never hurt, so go ahead and hit the shops to find a new look for the concert you've been waiting for!

4. Day of

Wake up and do life as normal until the time comes to get ready for your evening of fun, music, and memories! Get your hair ready, put on a cute shirt and go, go, go! At this point, you are overflowing with excitement and joy as you get in the car and head to the venue.

5. During the concert

The time has come, the moment you've been waiting for. Peak excitement levels hit when the performer enters the stage. Excitement has taken over and you find yourself thinking, "Wow, I can't believe they are actually real—and we are in the same building, the same ROOM!"

6. During the encore performance

You're singing every word to the final song and taking in every last moment. When the performer screams "THANK YOU, CHICAGO!!" (or whatever city you are in) you'll start to beg them to come back on stage to sing "just one more."

7. Hours after the final song has been sung

Post-Concert Depression has hit. When you find yourself sitting in your room going through videos of the night, all you want to do is relive it again and again. Bonus sad points if you had to watch the concert get rained out and end early (hence the photo above).

Truly, concerts allow you to have the time of your life. When an artist or band announces a new tour, I am stoked to get onto TicketMaster to get the best seats, and I know others are too!

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What It's Like Seeing Zedd As A First-Time EDM Concertgoer

Lots of dancing and plenty of bass drops!

I recently had the opportunity to see Zedd in concert. I attended his show at the WaMu Theatre in Seattle, and I wasn’t sure what to expect from it. All I knew was that it would involve a lot of dancing, bass drops, and sick beats. I ended up experiencing all of that, and then some.

The show itself was amazing. Despite watching Zedd’s Snap stories for the past year and a half or so, I wasn’t entirely sure which songs he’d play that night. I was pleasantly surprised to see him play some of my favorites, some songs I wasn’t familiar with, and even songs by other artists that he remixed! The same could be said for his two opening acts, Lophiile and Grey, though I was familiar with none of their songs prior to the concert. All three artists had great remixes, fun animations on the screen, and amazing light shows to boot. It was a night I doubt I’ll forget.

Despite having an exciting time, there were some things I saw at the concert that I was surprised by. After all, it was my first time attending an EDM concert, and I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect while I danced the night away.

The first and probably most obvious is the outfits. I wasn’t sure what to wear, but I knew it had to be comfortable, so I opted for a crop top and shorts. This outfit is acceptable considering how much you’ll sweat while jumping and dancing around, but there were a number of people wearing less than me. Some girls wore bikinis or underwear, some people wore costumes of some kind. A lot of girls had on bright, sparkly makeup and I saw a number of people with bandanas covering their nose and mouth. Some girls were wearing heels as well (which is fine, though I recommend wearing sensible shoes as you’re going to be doing a lot of standing and moving around). I knew that was typical of raves from pictures I’d seen on Facebook, but I was admittedly a little surprised to see that kind of attire in a concert setting.

There was also a chill stance on alcohol and recreational marijuana use. Inside the venue sat three different bars where you could have a mixed drink before going back to the crowd. Of course, the drinks had to stay within the perimeter of the bar you purchased it, and if you came in with a water bottle you had to leave it behind before leaving. The staff was very responsible to keep these rules in place, which ensured a safe experience for everyone. There were a few instances during the show where I could smell pot being smoked around me, likely from a vape. I wasn’t aware before that the rules about smoking pot would be so chill, though I didn’t mind. It just caught me off guard for a brief moment.

It was a very long concert too. Almost every concert I have ever attended finished up around 10:30 at night. The first act came on at 8:30 p.m., and Zedd’s set ended a little after midnight. The night seemed to fly by in a blur of sweaty exhilaration though. I went into the crowd feeling uncomfortable about the idea of accidentally dancing on someone or being crowded, and though that happened a few times, I realized I was having too much fun to care after a while. The same could be said for the people around me, who were constantly moving in and out of the crowd as they saw fit. Bottom line, if you don’t end up accidentally grazing someone’s body or face during a concert like this, then you’re an anomaly of some kind.

Even though Zedd’s concert was full of surprises, I still had an amazing time. I would easily see him perform again. If I ever attend one of his shows again, I’ll at least know a bit more about what to expect!

Cover Image Credit: Emma Glasgow

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Punk Rock Summer Camps Compete For Warped Tour's Former Spot

Who Will Be The Next Punk Rock Summer Camp?


It was sadly announced last year that Warped Tour would be coming to its official end last summer. Kevin Lyman, founder of the tour, made the announcement after several years of low attendance records and a few unfavorable allegations against both bands and touring crew alike.

The tour ran for 24 years, traveled all of the US and Canada, and was infamously known as the punk rock summer camp. Fans, including myself, were disappointed and saddened by the news and began to wonder what would become of their summers now that the tour is over.

Rumors circled the web saying that the tour coming to an end was a hoax and would be returning next year. Facts is that as slightly true.

Just shy of celebrating 25 years, one of the longest running tours, Lyman decided he couldn't hang up his bucket hat just yet.

Warped Tour will celebrate its quarter of a century with a few dates in select cities, Cleveland, Atlantic City, and Mountain View. The lineup for these shows consists of some original band who made the tour famous, Blink 182, Sum 41, and 311. As well as newer acts that have survived the punk rock summer camp, Sleeping with Sirens, Wage War, and Memphis May Fire just to name a few.

The Atlantic City date sold out almost as soon as the tickets were posted and tickets for the other two shows are very limited. You can buy tickets to your "last chance" to see the legendary tour at

So the question is still to be asked, who will take over the reins as the tour that defines summer?

The Sad Summer Fest might be the answer. This ironically named tour will feature acts such as The Maine, Mayday Parade, State Champs, and Mom Jeans. Just like Warped Tour, this tour will travel across the US but with a cause.

The tag line for the tour is "17 cities, 17 charities." The tour will be donating proceeds from tickets sales to 17 different charities in each city that they perform in. Concert goers can pick the charity they want to see the money go towards. So if you are in the giving mood and want to hear some great music visit

Another answer to who will be king of the summer tours is the Rockstar Energy Disrupt Festival. This tour, unlike Warped, will be held inside. This Warped Tour wanna be, with its offbeat name, will be heading to 25 cities across the US and feature acts such as Circa Survive, The Used, Thrice and Sum 41.

Disrupt is a tamer and baby version of what Warped Tour was but stands a chance to come back next year and possibly be the next punk rock summer camp. For more information about the Rockstar Energy Disrupt Festival visit

Even though Warped Tour may see it's final days this summer the possibilities of a new great long-running tradition tour coming up to be crowned is exciting and just what the music scene needs.

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