If you're in the mood to be nostalgic, sing loudly, and get a tan, you need a soundtrack for that. Good thing it already exists and it's called Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys.

We all know and love The Beach Boys. They hold a special place in our hearts, I especially loved hearing them on the radio as a kid. They've put out numerous anthems for the summer whether you're "Surfin U.S.A" or singing "Wouldn't It Be Nice" with your new flame. There's no better time to blare this album than summer vacation so get out your speakers!

1. Making breakfast

Listening to this album at 9 in the morning surrounded by the smell of blueberry muffins. Just seems ideal. Get someone to help you out because you'll need a dance partner.

2. Driving

Or, if you are hopeless at driving like me you can sit back and listen in the passenger. "God Only Knows" sounds just as dreamy either way.

3. Have a pool party

That's what The Beach Boys were all about! So be extra corny and play a few tracks from Pet Sounds. "Wouldn't It Be Nice" will never cease being a banger.

4. Looking at old family photos

Raid the ones from your mom or your dad’s childhood or pictures from your grandparent’s prime, to match the 60’s- 70’s nostalgia. I think "I Guess I Just Wasn't Made For These Times" was made for this.

5. Going on a bike ride

Make sure there’s plenty of nature on your path. If not, this album will bring the peace and calm to you.

6. Climbing a tree

I’m pretty sure it’s a universal thing to instantly feel like a kid again when The Beach Boys come on. Sometimes you just gotta perch up in a tree and bask in the sun.

7. Going to the beach

A little far-fetched and I’m sure no one was expecting this one. The entirety of Pet Sounds fits the mood for the drive there, for bathing in the sun, and for the tired ride back.

Have a great start to your summer, everybody! Manifest that 60's energy!