People talk mad sh*t about social media and how negative it is. However, that's not ALL social media can be. Individually, we choose who we follow and we customize what our feeds will look like. I'm a huge fan of unfollowing people if their content doesn't make you happy. I want to go on my phone and feel inspired by what's on my feed.

There's no shame in following positive or motivational accounts either. If it is something that will make you happy to follow, then f*cking do it! It is YOUR social media and it should reflect what you want to do.

For example, I have an Instagram account for my photography and I follow similar photography accounts. On my personal Instagram, I follow select people from high school and my friends and family. These two accounts serve very different purposes and the accounts I choose to follow on each account accurately represent what the account really is.

Another example would be following fitness accounts if you want to start working out more. Seeing it on your feed might encourage you to actually go and DO IT. Your social media feed could be a motivational tool if you know how to use it.

Social media doesn't need to bum you out; make sure to unfollow anyone if their posts consistently make you unhappy or upset (or work on why they make you unhappy/upset) and follow accounts that encourage you to be your best self. Social media can be a tool to encourage you.

Sometimes, people take social media breaks and re-evaluate the role that social media plays in their life. I've had many friends do this and re-consider how much time they spent on social media, in addition to the way they used social media. Use it to your advantage, not your disadvantage. Remember that YOU are in charge of your social media feeds and if you're unhappy about what you're seeing, then you need to step it up!