6 Best Cups Of Coffee You Can Find Around UNC Chapel Hill
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6 Best Cups Of Coffee You Can Find Around UNC Chapel Hill

Bringing you the best coffee in Chapel Hill.

6 Best Cups Of Coffee You Can Find Around UNC Chapel Hill
Livia Gobbi

If you’re anyone like me, libraries are not for you. I hate the lighting, the energy and the uncomfortable tables. I don’t find working in a library conducive to creative thinking. Just like working out, a big part of studying for me is enjoying it, and I really enjoy doing homework in a coffee shop. I left my beloved go-to coffee shop when I moved away from Louisiana, so I have made it my mission to find my go-to Chapel Hill latte. Nothing gets the grind going like a great latte, good lighting, lots of windows and a friendly barista, so these are things I’ve been looking for as I search for my Chapel Hill caffeine oasis. Luckily, I’ve stumbled upon so many gems. Only a couple of these are within walking distance of UNC’s campus, so hop on a bike or split an Uber with a friend and enjoy a great cup of coffee with them. .

1. Perennial

The only non-Starbucks coffee within walking distance of campus, Perennial is a tiny, brand new spot that will definitely not disappoint. Super "vibey" and amazing décor–I love it here. Cons? Not a lot of seating. Pro Tip: walk out the back door of the upstairs loft and there is a porch with one table. Pro Tip #2: ask for the iced-mint latte–it's not on the menu and is a secret gem. You’re welcome.

2. Johnny’s Gone Fishing

The perfect place to go to on a Sunday if you have an entire day of work, Johnny’s has a huge coffee selection and even more seating options. Since it’s made up of a couple of different rooms, it feels like you’re having coffee in someone’s house instead of being in a coffee shop. I love the mismatched chairs and their awesome outdoor patio; they're definitely a nice touch of character that ties the place together. If you want a booth, a big table, a small table, a window nook or an armchair, Johnny’s has it.

3. Caffé Driade

I really hesitate to share this magical-forested wonderland with anyone because I feel like I leave CH and enter heaven anytime I go here. Driade is behind a music venue and has ample outdoor seating and a couple of tables outside. Its literally right off of the Bolin Creek Trail, so you could take a study break and go for a beautiful little walk. The back patio goes down a stair case and is literally looking out into the forest with string lights hung over head. I feel like Driade is more suited to good conversations and reading a great book than regular homework, just because it is so beautiful there. It’s amazing, y’all. Also they serve their lattes in bowls which I just think is so fun. This is the place to go if you need some air and a break from the bustle of campus.

4. Open Eye Café and Looking Glass Cafe

I grouped these two together because they are super similar. Both in downtown Carrboro, these two coffee shops are always busy and give off super worker bee vibes, so you can’t help but be productive here. They both have a huge wall of windows as well.

5. Main Street/Weaver Street Market

The ambiance at Main Street Coffee in Carrboro is not the best, but getting a cinnamon latte from there and heading across the street to the beloved Weaver Street Market seating under the oaks can’t be beat.

6. EspressOasis at UNC Global Center

Definitely my favorite place to study on campus, they make any kind of coffee you could want, have amazing pastries, and have so many tables in their café completely surrounded by floor to ceiling windows. Another plug that I’m really hesitant to share: take your coffee to the global center roof. Thank me later.

Instead of living in Davis Library this finals season, head to one of these coffee shops and I guarantee that you'll be less miserable by the end of it!

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