A Perfect Chacos Tan And 23 Other Things You Have To Capture For Your Summer Aesthetic
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A Perfect Chacos Tan And 23 Other Things You Have To Capture For Your Summer Aesthetic

Alright ladies, time to make your #summeraesthetic better than ever.

A Perfect Chacos Tan And 23 Other Things You Have To Capture For Your Summer Aesthetic

Ahh, summer; the breath of fresh air we all need after a long, grueling year of all those late nights spent at the library (or elsewhere...). Summer is the perfect time to enjoy what makes you happiest and of course, snap tons of pictures to show off your #summeraesthetic while doing so, which will most likely consist of these 24 things.

1. Your oh-so-perfect ice cream cone.

Best when captured in front of an Insta-worthy colorful background, duh.

2. Your bronzed legs with the beach in the background.

We're all guilty of doing it, so own up to it! Someone will most definitely leave a comment with the infamous "hot dogs or legs?" unless it's already your caption...

3. Fruity drink recipes you found on Pinterest.

Okay now I will be the first to admit my summer drink board on Pinterest is way too long, but I know it will come in handy.

4. Your lazy afternoons spent on someone's pontoon.

Party in slow motion...

5. Documentation of your #Sundayfunday shenanigans.

Probably has something to do with a patio and a beer or two.

6. A picture of yourself hammocking to show off your adventurous side.

Super relaxing, yet a perfect photo to post.

7. Your lowkey beach photoshoot shots.

No, it's totally not obvious that you and your friend only took "candid" pictures instead of getting in the water.

8. Lounging on a ridiculous, yet adorable, pool float.

Donuts and swans and unicorns, oh my! How perfect for relaxing by the pool.

9. A "cheers" boomerang while day drinking.

Crafting the *perfect* boomerang takes lots of tries, but your margaritas can wait a few more seconds.

10. A photo of your eye-catching restaurant food.

Who knew a smoothie bowl could be so appealing to the eye?

11. A picture of a Polaroid picture.

Hey, it takes practice to make sure there's no glare when taking such artsy pics...

12. Proof that you lived it up on the Fourth of July.

From sparklers to red, white, and blue popsicles; the Fourth of July is the perfect time to show off your fun-filled day while being patriotic AF.

13. A perfect Chacos tan.

If your feet look like this, you're doing something right.

14. Going on tons of hikes.

And a photo at the top to prove it.

15. A picture of your s'mores from your weekend camping trip.

Everyone will be jealous after seeing this.

16. Making sure the world knows that you attended a music festival.

Regardless of who performed, your Snapchat friends probably saw it all.

17. Making it to a baseball game.

Bonus points if you actually survive the tailgate.

18. Your evening spent at an outdoor movie theater.

Whether it's capturing the sunset behind the screen or a pic of you and all your BFF's laying in the truck bed, outdoor movies scream summer.

19. Your attempt at fishing.

Regardless of if you actually catch something.

20. This cliche kayak picture from your day on the lake.

Still a classic.

21. Your #views as you float down the river.

Float away, ladies!

22. A day spent touring a local winery.

With your besties beside you of course.

23. Saturday morning farmer's market trips.

So many photo ops with gorgeous flowers...

24. Catching the sunset.

Is it really summer if you don't post an obnoxious amount of sunset pictures?

Alright, ladies, let's make your #summeraesthetic better than ever; you know what to do.

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