Why is it so difficult to satisfy one's heart? Satisfying one's stomach is way easier because it primarily relies on organic products rather than human emotions and expectations. As a result, the heart feels full when all its conditions and sweet indulgences are met. Honestly, speaking from my past experiences and interactions with others, I have realized that it is veraciously difficult to please one's heart if the person you want to impress is a bit stingy when it comes to overlooking minor mistakes and prioritizing work ethic.

This topic of interest usually arises in a person's career when they wholeheartedly strive to impress their superiors who are not always flexible with their expectations and guidelines. For instance, one of my acquaintances works as an Interior Designer and she is responsible for strategically changing the architecture of indoor buildings i.e. houses, theatres, stadiums, etc. Not only is she the mastermind of an originally crafted state-of-the-art interior composition, but she also has to dedicate a significant amount of her time towards impressing the heart of the individual whose house or building she is designing. After all, her client is her most crucial critic!

An interior designer weaves a series of geometric landscapes and paintings that will actually make a house seem like a house. They are more focused on creating the picturesque panorama of their client's desires, emotions, and expectations. They make it their utmost priority to avidly search inside the hearts of individuals with the goal of satisfying them. An individual's heart can more accurately be described as the mirror image of their personality, hobbies, interests, and wishes. So when people try to satisfy the hearts of individuals, an intense level of thought is dedicated.

This intense level of thought takes eons of moments in order to fully mature. Eventually, their simple thought emerges into the form of an elaborate trendsetter in terms of design. Finally, the flame of satisfaction that we are almost always striving to inculcate within an individual's heart gets achieved in the process. The heart is actually a two-fold organ that needs to be satisfied in order to move on in life! Regardless of whether you are an interior designer or not, creativity is innate and it truly does strike a chord within the hearts of people. It just takes a bit of time for others to fully understand your logic and passion.