Photographer Stefan Draschan began his "People Matching Artworks" collection in November of 2015. Since then, he has spent hours in numerous art museums capturing the perfect moments when a spectator matches the artwork they have stopped at to observe.

Each photograph captures an observer in front of a piece of artwork. The passerby's hair color, jacket color or the patterns on their clothing blend into the aesthetic of the piece itself in some way or form.

It's really an intriguing and eye-pleasing concept that leaves you wanting more and more.

There's some extremely pleasing about the colors, patterns and textures blend into one another, yet being clearly distinctive.

Stefan has a series of collections, all wonderful in concept and beautifully articulated through frame, but the 'People Matching Artworks' is my favorite.

Each collection has its own blog page on Tumblr, where he continues to add to them today.

Other collections of the photographer include 'Couples Matching,' 'Cars Matching Homes,' and a collection called 'The Three Graces,' a series featuring women of various ages, cultures, etc. in sets of three.

In December of 2015, Stefan also started a collection called, 'People Sleeping in Museums.' The collection consists of photographs of, well, people sleeping in museums.

"Without a smartphone or other distraction, this is probably one of the most peaceful and calming places – where you can relax by the ambience, silence and fragility – completely free of thought and questions," someone commented on the website.

The 'People Matching Artworks' is especially captivating, I feel, because of the vibrancy in colors and textures coming to life through the 'purposefully artful' and the 'humanly artful.'

I also think it's interesting because each photograph was captured 'accidentally.'

None of these people probably came into the museum to purposefully match a particular artwork or painting. Yet, they did.

You begin to ask yourself questions like, "Did they match because their apparel has become reflective of their art appreciation?"

"Did they match because the same type of people who create art, are the ones who care enough to visit museums and go see it?"

"Or was it a genuine coincidence?"

The concept is overall simple, but the results are satisfyingly beautiful. There's just something so aesthetically pleasing about each photograph.

Click here to visit Stefan Draschan's website, and check out his numerous photography blogs. Each one is worth the visit, I promise!