5 people I want to say thank you to

5 Kinds Of People In My Life That I Am Grateful For

Christmas is just around the corner, make sure to include thanks on your shopping list.


It's that time of year again! Time for lights, gifts, snow, holiday parties, but the most important of all: family. Through special times like these, there is nothing better than spending it with those you love. They are there every other day of the year, but during the holidays is when you truly get to enjoy their presence and give back to them for all that they have done for you. Sometimes giving a material present isn't possible, but just being there is more than enough.

1. My Mom and Dad

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You two are the best. Never in my life have I felt alone knowing that I have you two in my corner. It doesn't matter whether if we are 200 miles away or 2 feet away, I always know you are just a facetime call away. You guys are my loudest and most supportive fans. Thank you for always putting our family first, I love you guys.

2. My siblings

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The three of you never fail to make me laugh or put a smile on my face. I enjoy the all the calls for help with homework and to inform me of your day at school. I am always down for runs out to get ice cream and French fries. I might be a little bossy and overprotective, but it's because I love you.

3. My friends

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You know who you are. The time I spend with all of you is what I cherish most. From parties on Wednesday nights to staying in on Fridays to watch Netflix to night shifts at the hockey rink, all of these remind of the unwavering support and love you guys give me. No matter where or when I will always be there for you guys with open arms. I have no idea how you guys put up with me, but I'm thankful that you guys somehow find the strength to do it.

4. My roommates


It's been a fun time. I know I am not a very social person and a very awkward person, but I thank you guys for being so nice to let me live with you guys. At times it may seem like I don't want to talk to you guys, but it's because I don't know what to say (I'm horrible at having conversations). Again, thank you for being so inviting and nice, I appreciate it more than you know.

5. Those people on the street that smile back

You know those people who smile at you for no reason and you just feel the need to smile back, that's who I am talking about. I may not know who they are but the fact that they just put a small amount of effort to smile and make someone's day makes them all the more important. I know when I am feeling sad, a smile from a nice person makes me feel like maybe the world isn't so bad.

So there is my letter of appreciation to the people who have a part in my life, whether I mentioned you or not, everyone deserves to know that there is someone out there that cares. Go out and tell your loved ones that you are grateful for all their love and support, that is the greatest gift you could give to them.

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4. Pitcher perfect.

5. Hakuna Ma 'Vodka - It means no memories for the rest of your night.

6. Bad and Boozy

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8. Beer makes me hoppy.

9. IPA lot when I drink.

10. I can finally have a six-pack.

11. Tequila probably won't fix my problems, but it's worth a shot.

12. Sip happens.

13. Let the evening be Gin.

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16. Getting into the birthday spirit.

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45 Songs To Add To Your Memorial Day Playlist

Songs to truly remember what the holiday is for.


I come from a family that would always go to the lake for Memorial Day and grill with friends and family. However, we always flew our flag and remembered why we celebrate Memorial Day. Both my granddads fought back when you didn't have a choice, back when young men died to protect this great country. To this day there are brave men and women dying to protect this great country and for you to be able to grill with your family. Here are 45 songs to add to your playlist.

1. ‘Letters from Home’ by John Michael Montgomery 

2. ‘Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning)’ by Alan Jackson

3. ‘God Bless The USA’ by Lee Greenwood

4. ‘In Color’ by Jamey Johnson

5. ‘Something to Be Proud Of’ by Montgomery Gentry

6. ‘Old Army Hat’ by Billy Ray Cyrus

7. ‘One Hell Of An Amen’ by Brantley Gilbert

8. ‘Ragged Old Flag’ by Johnny Cash

9. ‘American Soldier’ by Toby Keith 

10. ‘God Bless America’ by Martina McBride 

11. ‘Some Gave All’ by Billy Ray Cyrus

12. ‘8th of November’ by Big & Rich

13. ‘Call A Marine’ by Toby Keith 

14. ‘Courtesy Of The Red, White, And Blue’ by Toby Keith 

15. ‘Song of the Patriot’ by Johnny Cash

16. ‘I Just Cane Back (From A War)’ by Darryl Worley

17. ‘I Stand For The Flag’ by Wes Cook Band

18. ‘Where The Stars And Stripes And The Eagle Fly’ by Aaron Tippin

19. ‘For You’ by Keith Urban

20. ‘Blood Brothers’ by Luke Bryan

21. ‘It’s America’ by Rodney Atkins

22. ‘Fallen Soldier’ by Nathan Fair

23. ‘Brothers’ by Dean Brody

24. ‘If I Don’t Make It Back’ by Tracy Lawrence

25. ‘Semper Fi’ by Trace Adkins

26. ‘Only in America’ by Brooks & Dunn

27. ‘Ships That Don’t Come In’ by Joe Diffie

28. ‘Have You Forgotten?’ By Darryl Worley

29. ‘Heroes Come from Small Towns’ by Rockie Lynne

30. ‘Arlington’ by Trace Adkins

31. ‘Riding With Private Malone’ by David Ball

32. ‘POW 369’ by Darryl Worley

33. ‘Red White & Blue’ by Lynyrd Skynyrd 

34. ‘We Fought Hard’ by Billy Ray Cyrus 

35. ‘A Soldier’s Memoir (PTSD Song)’ by Joe Bachman

36. ‘Boy in a Uniform’ by Rockie Lynne

37. ‘Nineteen’ by Billy Ray Cyrus

38. ‘This Ain’t No Rag, It’s A Flag’ by Charlie Daniels Band

39. ‘America Will Survive’ by Hank Williams, Jr.

40. ‘Til The Last Shot’s Fired’ by Trace Adkins

41. ‘If You’re Reading This’ by Tim McGraw 

42. ‘Survivor Guilt’ by Rise Against

43. ‘Hero Of War’ by Rise Against 

44. ‘Ballad of Balad’ by Toby Keith

45. ‘I Want You to Live’ by George Canyon

This year as you are gathering around the table about to chow down on a burger or hotdog remember the ones who have given the ultimate sacrifice to allow you the freedom to have a great time. Happy Memorial Day!

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