The 6 Types Of People In Every Coffee Shop Ever, Guaranteed

The 6 Types Of People In Every Coffee Shop Ever, Guaranteed

Feel free to tag yourself as one of these types, or create a new category altogether!


As the school year ends, the summer jobs begin. Yay for finally not being broke for the first time in months! Maybe! Fingers crossed! This summer, I've started a new job working at a diner/coffee shop. I've observed several distinct types of people over the course of my first few days there. Let's explore these characters, shall we?

The Neurotic Student

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This person sits in the corner and (sometimes literally) pulls their hair out while remaining engaged in an intense staring contest with their computer screen. You want to check on them, or ask if they'd like to switch from coffee to water, or tell them everything will be okay, their therapist. I guess you kind of have to admire how much they obviously care about the task at hand. Godspeed.

The Cultured, Well-traveled Old Man

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Or woman, or whoever. The point is, there's nothing this person enjoys more than sharing wild stories of their youth with strangers. Ten minutes into a conversation with Jeff, you're likely to know far more than you bargained for about the shenanigans he got up to "when he was your age." I really appreciate this type of person—they keep things interesting.

The Busy Young Professional-types

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They travel in packs and order a long list of items on one tab. They may seem kind of glamorous, but likely in either a cool-older-sibling (or cousin, or someone you admire) or a snobby way. Personally, I find myself wanting to know more about these people. Please, tell me all about how you seem to have found success early on in adulthood. I'd appreciate guidance!

The Hipster

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This person almost definitely wears trendy jewelry, orders something fancier than black coffee, and speaks in such a way that you start to believe they know things that other people do not. All that yoga and introspection must be revealing some life secrets the rest of us are simply missing. Teasing aside, these people are generally an interesting bunch.

The Daydreamer

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This person is a deeeeep thinker. Don't be surprised if you find them staring out a window and into the abyss for 20+ minutes... they're probably fine! Some people simply feel things and/or become enveloped in their thoughts more easily than others. If we're playing the "tag yourself" game, I'm definitely this guy.

The Local College Student

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If you're like me, strangers your own age might intimidate you a little bit. If you can't relate, congrats! I'm glad one of us isn't afraid of fellow young people. Regardless, there's actually nothing particularly telling about this type of coffee shop-goer — unless maybe they sport a lot of paraphernalia from the local college/university, or you overhear a group of them talking about the school. Or your heart rate increases and you become nervous for seemingly no reason.

Maybe you'll find yourself observing similar types of people at your local coffee shops this summer—I hope identifying them will be as entertaining for you as it was for me.

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