What is it that you believe in?

We all believe in something, whether it's believing our favorite team is going to win that championship, or that global warming is upon us, or even that essential oils cure headaches. Whatever it may be, we have to believe in something, right?

From a young age, we believed in things such as the Tooth Fairy, or Santa Clause, or that a princess' world was a reality that we could obtain. We were taught to believe in things so far out there that we believed almost anything that we were told. But how about now?

What is it now that you believe in, truly? This world can be cruel, hateful, and even confusing. There's constantly an uproar on social media about he said she said and "that politician is doing what?". So, consequently, we've turned to something that will save us from this place.

Everyone wants something to save them and the only way to do that is to believe in something bigger than ourselves.

This is where the higher power comes in. There's the Christian faith and believing in God or other religions that have their own version of the same concept. There are beliefs in the Earth in forms of Mother Nature or The Universe. There is faith in Chakra healing and how different stones and rocks have certain energies as well as Astrology.

These all sound very different but, they all have one thing in common. Whatever is believed in is always a very loving, caring, and kind power. Its purpose is to guide us and give us the truth.

With how different each person is in today's society, we can all say that we believe in a Greater Love. People push and argue that their way is the right way when in reality, we all believe in pretty much the same concept. So instead of trying to put down someone's beliefs, try to understand it, because I'm sure it is not far off from yours in the grand scheme of things. I have what I believe in and you have what you believe in.

This isn't a piece on how different we all are, but instead, how similar we all can be. We just have to be accepting on all sides, so that we can all celebrate our likeness.