12 Types Of People You Will See At Music Festivals
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12 Types Of People You May See At Music Festivals

Here's what I've noticed about people at music festivals.

12 Types Of People You May See At Music Festivals

This past year, I've been to two music festivals (two more than I'd been to before): Music Midtown and Shaky Knees. I've noticed that at these festivals, though with their own crowd and vibes, often seemed to have certain patterns in people. And with summer at the tips of our fingers and festivals already coming in left and right, here are the interesting people to look out for.

1. The cool grandparents.

I just love the old, gray-haired grandparent couple standing next to a group of teenagers passing around a joint. They're all jamming together, they know all the words, they're feeling themselves, and everyone around them is here for it. Special shoutout to the grandpa in front of me who was really jamming to Cage the Elephant.

2. Parents.

If there are grandparents and kids there, you best believe there are parents there. You can spot them standing by a teenager who looks humiliated to be there with them. They're also probably squinting at the stage and trying (and failing) to enjoy the music.

3. The overenthusiastic guy that acts like he knows everyone, but is there alone.

This particular character comes in two forms: friendly and creepy.

The friendly guy just wants to get to know everyone. He's there to meet people, build friendships and connections, and groove to some good music with strangers.

The creepy guy is probably shirtless and wondering if any of the girls wanna hop on his shoulders for a better view. Good thing is, he's not too offended if they say no, he just happily moves on. This guy also might start jumping and dancing his ass off as he pushes his way through the crowd to the front. He's trying to turn every crowd into a mosh pit.

4. The girl sitting on someone's shoulders.

Okay, listen, I understand that they're trying to see the artist better but so are the people standing directly behind them.

5. Festival girls.

This is the group of girls there to have the classic Instagram music festival experience. They got their hair up all cute, bralettes, glitter everywhere. They're there to have fun, take pics, and dance!

6. Frat bros.

These are the guys advertising an afterparty. They're probably Juuling, definitely in bright Hawaiian-type shirts and some shorts.

7. The "I'm not like other girls" girls.

Your classic teen indie/hipster girls! They're actually there for the earlier performances. You know, the lesser-known, cooler bands. They're dressed in denim with patches stitched on or maybe a thrifted band tee.

8. "Did you know we're a couple?"

"Hey! Hey, look at us! We're dating! We just sucked face! We'll do it again two minutes later in case you forgot we were a couple. Babe, put your hands in my back pocket so they remember we're a couple."

9. They're mainly here to see one or two artists and they will hog the front of the stage until they get there.

This person is here to see that one band they've been waiting to see forever. They will get to the festival relatively early and sit through bands they've never heard of before just to be all the way up front for that one artist they love.

10. People who need to find better friends.

PSA: If your friend is struggling in the heat or maybe even passed out, don't just leave them! Seeing your favorite singer/band is not worth it and honestly, not a cool thing to do. There is definitely an emergency tent you can take them to.

11. Weird costume guy.

Why is he dressed like that? Who cares? He's here for a good time and so are you. So go snap some pics with the guy in the banana costume.

12. Girls in maxi dresses.

They look cute and they're comfy, especially on the rare occasions there's a breeze.

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