What's Up With People And Fake News?

What's Up With People And Fake News?

When a stranger found out I was studying journalism, everything took a turn.


Recently, I was standing outside of a restaurant waiting for it open for brunch, when this seemingly nice man came to wait for the doors to open as well. We exchanged pleasantries and talked about Atlanta United winning the MLS Championship. However, when he found out I was studying journalism, everything took a turn.

Granted, I am used to being talked at about fake news, alternative facts, and how the media is biased, but this time it was something different. The man had respect for journalists, just not in your ordinary way.

He was talking about how journalism is a respectable career but that current journalists aren't doing it justice. He talked about how he sees Russia controlling our media and how journalists are not doing their due diligence to make sure everything they are posting is real.

This made me think. I am used to being told about how liberal and anti-Trump the American media is (except Fox, of course. All my haters love Fox News), but do more than just this man think that the media is not truly digging for facts and checking to make sure they are true? I'd never heard before that American journalists are doing Russia's dirty work.

As someone who wants to be the future of journalism, I think every day about how to fix the "fake news" world that we live in today, but if people truly think that the media does not work hard to bring true facts (I know all facts should be true, but in today's world I feel the need to differentiate between alternative facts and true facts) to the consumers, then how should journalism change this?

With every article, package, broadcast, Instagram post, etc. should media outlets have to post the steps they went through and evidence found to show that the story is truthful? Should media outlets have to make sure they are able to prove that the facts did not come from Russia by having a bibliography like my 10th grade English essays?

Journalism is only as useful as long as those consuming believe it. Obviously, at least one man does not believe that is reported as being Russian propaganda, so there have to be more.

Because of this one conversation before my mediocre brunch, I will forever change the way that I think of journalism and the way I go about producing my content. I am in journalism to inform the people, but if I am not believed then what is the point of even trying to do this job? It is insane how life can change just because of a bump in with someone who does not think the way you do.

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Cover Image Credit: unmotivating.com

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In A World Where Connection Is Easier Than Ever, Why Are We So Alone?

Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facetime, SMS. What about BFFs?


Today I walked to class with my phone in my backpack. With my eyes not being occupied by a screen, I noticed maybe the saddest sight. Almost every single person I passed had their neck hunched over with their eyes glued to their smartphone. I could not help myself but think how many connections an average person misses in a day due to being preoccupied with social media.

As Millennials, we are addicted to our smart devices. Bless the generation after us, they don't stand a chance. Anytime we feel alone or uncomfortable we escape to our "safe place." However, this escape is what is causing us to feel so alone even while being surrounded by common nature people. There are countless people that I follow on Instagram that I have never said a word to in person. I actually sat alone with one of my ghost Instagram friends and was too afraid to say hey. I like her pictures, she likes mine, but what if she did not recognize me and just thought I was a complete weirdo?

So, if I feel uncomfortable talking to someone that I found through social media, what is our smartphone really connecting us to? Our smartphones and social media apps connect us to the idea of a group of people. It is a great way to keep you up to date on friends and family who live across the country, and it is a great way to feel closer to your favorite actress or YouTube couple. But at what cost? While keeping us closer to people far away from us, social media apps are pulling us further away from someone you sit directly next to.

So where do we go from here? We put down the smartphone.

What? Outrageous!

I know, but the only way for us to reconnect as humans is to put our technology on silent. Literally and metaphorically. As a world, we are corrupted with this idea of a perfect relationship, the perfect lifestyle, the perfect pet, the perfect body, the perfect GPA, a perfect life (#Goals). When in reality, life is far from perfect. We fear the thought of showing any signs of weakness or variability. Variability is the way humans connect, hello empathy. As a kid, I remember going out to the backyard and playing "lava" on the playset or picking up a stick and pretending it was a sword. Now kids grab an IPad and sit on the couch. They do not have to use their imagination because it is being played out in front of them. We are the only ones who can stop this zombie apocalypse of smartphone drones from happening. So, what are you going to do? Will, you put the smartphone down?

Thrive On!

Ephesians 5:21

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