Pay Attention to State and Local Elections

Guess what? The presidential election is not the only election you need to be following! Your state and local elections are just as, if not more important. Why is this you ask? Well let me tell you.

The people you elect in these elections are dealing with your local interest! AND they are dealing with your interests are a very specific level. This is why we have these governments. While we live in the United States, we also live in the state of Georgia (or wherever you live). There are going to be some things that are only dealt with in the state of Georgia and you want to be properly represented. Hello state legislature. These are the folks passing your state laws and you want to know who your people are.

Now not only do you live in Georgia, but you live in a smaller municipality. Lumpkin County and the city of Dahlonega perhaps? Pay attention to these local elections because you want your interests represented here. Your local government is going to have more laws and ordinances that apply to that area. Think about how your local dollars are being spent and what you would like your town to look like. Are you ready for some new business or do you want companies to develop locally? Should your local town be encouraging local businesses or corporate businesses?

Are you excited yet? Did you know that the 2018 Georgia primary is coming up? No? Well get out your planner and mark the days. When in doubt – ask Google.

1) April 24th is the Primary Registration Deadline! You still have time to register if you haven’t yet.

2) May 22nd is the State Primary Election! Round 1 of elections. Keep track of the names running.

3) July 24th is the State Primary Runoff! Do we have a tie anywhere?

4) October 9th is the General Election Registration Deadline! Another chance to register.

5) November 6th is the General Election Day! Woo Woo – any new blood elected?

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