14 Reasons You Should Pay Attention To Politics
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14 Reasons You Should Pay Attention To Politics

It's time for everyone's voice to be heard.

14 Reasons You Should Pay Attention To Politics

With the midterm elections finished, some people were disappointed in the results. I always think it's important to vote in every election because a lot of people have fought for everyone's voice to be heard. We need to pay attention to the people we are electing and the job they are doing.

The growing threat of Russian militarism


Russia annexed the Crimean peninsula in 2014 with the same excuses that Hitler used before World War Two — that there were ethnic Russians there and they wanted to be part of the motherland.

Putin most likely has his eyes set on more than just Crimea and we need strong leaders in our government to stand up against his militaristic goals.

Donald Trump won partially because we thought he'd never ~ actually~ win


All of the polls told us that Clinton was likely to win but as you can see, they were wrong.

There's a Presidential Election in 2020

I'm personally hoping Trump doesn't win a re-election.

If you're a Republican, you want to see who the opponent is that will be fighting against Trump.

If you're a Democrat, you want to see who your possible presidential candidates will be and which one will land your vote.

Trump calls himself a nationalist


Some other infamous people who called themselves nationalists or platformed themselves on nationalism were Hitler and the Nazis.

The United States has fought two world wars against nationalism.

The issue of gun control


Young adults have gotten more involved with the March For Our Lives movement while most Americans sit idle in their living watching the World pass them by.

It's time that everyone needs to start standing up to defend their neighbors.



In lieu of the caravan and the Family Separation Policy, it is evident we need immigration reform and our leaders in Congress should strive to pass a bipartisan bill to address and resolve this issue.

Supreme Court Justices


Ruth Bader Ginsburg recently had a fall and is getting close to the end of her time on the Supreme Court and we do not need another Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court.

The #MeToo and #TimesUp movement


We have a president who constantly demeans women and brags about grabbing them by their genitals.

These movements allow women to join together and become stronger as a united force against people like our president.

Women's reproductive rights


All women should have access to birth control and reproductive healthcare in order to stay healthy.

North Korea


North Korea has multiple hidden missile bases and our president is claiming that he knows all about them.

Our first lady tries to be anti-bullying but her husband is one of the biggest bullies

Flickr Creative Commons

Her "#BeBest" campaign is an anti-bullying campaign but her husband bullies news media outlets and their anchors as well as other politicians on the regular.

Trump is Firing his Administration Officials on the regular

Flickr Creative Commons

From James Comey, Sally Yates, Michael Flynn, Reince Priebus, Sean Spicer, and the latest, Jeff Sessions. We never know who is going to be next on the chopping block.

Saudi Arabia


One of the Saudi princes has recently been implicated in a plot to kill a journalist while he was visiting Saudi Arabia's consulate in Istanbul, Turkey.

President Trump is a close ally and friend with the crown prince and has yet to take any action against the inhumane killing of the journalist for fear of messing with his new power ally.

Elections approaching quickly 


Absentee ballots are not being accounted for, polling places are malfunctioning, and races have been too close to call. Also, Russia might be having a hand in our elections???

Just some food for thought.

Our future is in our hands


As a democracy, we have the privilege to vote our officials into elected office.

Thus, we have the ability to write our own future if we want the right people for the job.

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