Paul Allen's Philanthropic Spirit Meant A Lot To Us In the Pacific Northwest—You'll Be Missed

Paul Allen's Philanthropic Spirit Meant A Lot To Us In the Pacific Northwest—You'll Be Missed

Paul Allen was, and is, nothing short of a legend.


On Monday afternoon, the Pacific Northwest was rocked by the sudden and tragic news of Paul Allen's passing. Although he announced only a handful of days prior his non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma had returned, Allen expressed optimism in the aggressive treatment. Alas, all good things must end, and the Pacific Northwest mourns the loss of a beloved icon.

To some, it may seem a little odd why people would be upset at the loss of a man they would never have met in person. Yet what made Paul Allen so special was the fact his legacy managed to impact the lives of so many. Allen dedicated his genius and immense wealth for the betterment of his fellow man.

How did he create his fortune? Oh, by co-founding a little company known as Microsoft with a man named Bill Gates. Allen and Gates' dream of a world where everyone has a computer in their home has almost become a reality, as nearly billions of people have operated — or are currently operating — a Microsoft product or system.

Allen has since donated hundreds of millions of dollars to help fund education, medical research, and even the arts. What Allen has given back to Seattle alone can never be understated as the man has helped transform the Emerald City in one of the most unique in America. Allen founded the Museum of Pop Culture, completely rebuilt South Lake Union, and oh yeah, saved our beloved Seahawks.

Yeah, that's right. The Seahawks almost moved to Southern California in the mid-90's. The only reason they didn't was because Paul Allen stepped in and bought a failing, bankrupt franchise for $200 million. He dragged the Seahawks from being a bottom feeder team to the promised land of NFL relevance, and even a Super Bowl title in the process.

Not for nothing, Paul Allen also saved the Portland Trail Blazers when he purchased them in the late 1980's as well.

The Northwest has truly lost an iconic legend. Paul Allen was a giant in technology, industry, real estate, philanthropy, and entertainment. He will be sorely missed, but his legacy will live on. May God rest his soul.

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Ashley Tisdale Is Back With New Music That Shines A Light On Anxiety And Depression

All the voices in my head...


We all know and love Ashley Tisdale from High School Musical but her music is back. She already has 2 albums to her name, but she really didn't get to express herself through them as much as her new album that's coming out, Symptoms. She released the first song off it called Voices in My Head and when I heard it I related to it right away. We all have things that we worry about in our daily lives, and this song dives deep into anxiety and how its ok to ignore what people are thinking.

I think its good that she's talking about anxiety because it's allowing listeners to not relate to her music, but to also deal with their own struggles. Music for me is like therapy for me at times because I am able to take a break from my life and take in what the lyrics are trying to tell me.

Music teaches us that its okay to feel that way that we do, not a lot of music these days brings up topics like anxiety and depression, so for Ashley to come forward as an artist to write up her own struggles means a lot. It shows that she is just like us, and not just a celebrity that hides everything that goes on.

Most certainly, you do need some privacy as a celebrity and music artist, but I think that she realized that she needed to shine a light on her struggles in order for her to get through those tough times and to relive the tough times too. I also think that for her, she wanted her fans like myself to caught up to speed with her music and where her journey was currently at. I want to believe that her journey with Symptoms is just getting started.

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