Paul Allen's Philanthropic Spirit Meant A Lot To Us In the Pacific Northwest—You'll Be Missed

Paul Allen's Philanthropic Spirit Meant A Lot To Us In the Pacific Northwest—You'll Be Missed

Paul Allen was, and is, nothing short of a legend.


On Monday afternoon, the Pacific Northwest was rocked by the sudden and tragic news of Paul Allen's passing. Although he announced only a handful of days prior his non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma had returned, Allen expressed optimism in the aggressive treatment. Alas, all good things must end, and the Pacific Northwest mourns the loss of a beloved icon.

To some, it may seem a little odd why people would be upset at the loss of a man they would never have met in person. Yet what made Paul Allen so special was the fact his legacy managed to impact the lives of so many. Allen dedicated his genius and immense wealth for the betterment of his fellow man.

How did he create his fortune? Oh, by co-founding a little company known as Microsoft with a man named Bill Gates. Allen and Gates' dream of a world where everyone has a computer in their home has almost become a reality, as nearly billions of people have operated — or are currently operating — a Microsoft product or system.

Allen has since donated hundreds of millions of dollars to help fund education, medical research, and even the arts. What Allen has given back to Seattle alone can never be understated as the man has helped transform the Emerald City in one of the most unique in America. Allen founded the Museum of Pop Culture, completely rebuilt South Lake Union, and oh yeah, saved our beloved Seahawks.

Yeah, that's right. The Seahawks almost moved to Southern California in the mid-90's. The only reason they didn't was because Paul Allen stepped in and bought a failing, bankrupt franchise for $200 million. He dragged the Seahawks from being a bottom feeder team to the promised land of NFL relevance, and even a Super Bowl title in the process.

Not for nothing, Paul Allen also saved the Portland Trail Blazers when he purchased them in the late 1980's as well.

The Northwest has truly lost an iconic legend. Paul Allen was a giant in technology, industry, real estate, philanthropy, and entertainment. He will be sorely missed, but his legacy will live on. May God rest his soul.

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10 James Charles Quotes To Live By

Hey, sisters!


Whether you love him or hate him, we all have to admit James Charles has some of the most iconic quotes of all time. Personally, I live for James Charles and his Youtube videos. He has the best content by fair of any beauty influencer. UM HELLO?? His collaboration with Morphe is absolutely stunning and of course, I had to buy it. But here are some of my favorite James Charles quotes, most I use on a daily basis.

1. Sister spooked

Let's face it, we all get a little sister spooked when we look at our grades or bank account. This quote is the perfect way to describe that feeling.

2. TEA!!

OH THE TEA!!! We all love a good tea spill. I have to be honest, I do use this on a regular basis.

3. Not with that attitude

The phrase to use when someone is being a negative Nancy.

4. Good and fresh

Because when something is good, it's not just good, it's good and fresh.

5. Good and FUN and fresh

When it's really good and fresh, it's good and FUN and fresh. Perfect phrase for all situations!

6. Use Code James for 10% off

If you're a true James Charles fan, you know that this is THE quote James is best known for. We all love some sister savings!!

7. Hello?

This is the question you ask yourself after you study all night for a test and see the first question.

8. Love that

We don't say "I like that" or "That looks good," we say "Love that." Why? Because it sounds better.

9. Spill the tea sis

This is the saying you use when you know your friend has some juicy information to tell you, but just won't say it.

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Just some of the iconic quotes that James Charles has blessed us with! That is all, kitty girls.

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Why People Should Stop Freaking Out About The New Bachelor Being A Virgin

We get it. Colton is a virgin. What's the big deal?


So, the premiere of ABC's "The Bachelor" just recently aired, and the amount of times that someone (either Chris Harrison or any of the 30 women) mentioned the fact that Colton is a virgin astounded me. I found myself actually rolling my eyes the more it was mentioned.

We get it. We had to deal with the drama and controversy surrounding this fact practically all during Becca's season of "The Bachelorette", and then round 2 on "Bachelor in Paradise". Enough is enough. The man is a virgin. Let's get over it and enjoy the already drama filled season without that unnecessary and annoying aspect added into it.

Hopefully these women can find something else about Colton to talk about and be interested in, or else this season will get really annoying really fast. If he decides to lose his virginity in the fantasy suites this season, good for him. If not, good for him. It doesn't matter. At least, it shouldn't, in terms of the viewers and women having expectations of Colton.

I understand these women are going into this looking for a husband in Colton, and physical intimacy is a huge part of that for many women. However, that doesn't mean he's any less of a man because he's made the decision to wait for who he feels is important enough to him to share that moment with.

This show isn't about hooking Colton up so that someone can claim the prize of being the one to take his virginity. It's his hope of finding love, and there's a lot more to love than just the physical aspect of it. Which is why I think we, as viewers, and the women dating him, need to let it go and actually worry about getting close to him emotionally above anything else.

The way that this premiere was portrayed, it makes it seem like the only thing that some of these women are interested in is taking Colton's virginity, or just making fun of it, in a sense, by questioning why he is a virgin. It's his decision, a conscious decision that he made. So why is he being judged for that? Just because the whole world now knows? Who cares?

Also, can I just say, it's also really not cool how the women of this season are claiming they can't believe that Colton is a virgin simply because he's so "hot". I'm pretty sure that being attractive doesn't automatically make you not a virgin. People make choices, and Colton just happened to make a different choice then, apparently, many other people his age have made.

I hope that this season lets go of this old aspect that they think makes the show more dramatic, but instead makes it annoying, because it's taking an issue that shouldn't be a big deal at all to us as viewers, and making it into a huge, dramatic deal. Colton has even been given the unofficial title of "The First Virgin Bachelor".

Why does that matter? In terms of him being the Bachelor, it shouldn't. Just let the man get his chance at finding love. Hopefully, these women will ease up a little throughout the season and let Colton be confident and comfortable in his own personal choices. If they truly want to get to know him and fall in love with him, they should trust that Colton can make the adult decision if he wants to lose his virginity this season and to whom.

Colton shouldn't at all feel pressured to lose his virginity just because he is a good looking man who is looking to marry. Nobody should ever feel pressured to make that big of a decision, especially when it's more of a choice that affects them personally, and not anyone around them.

Hopefully, this season, Colton finds a woman that can respect and understand that. Hopefully, we can all learn to respect and understand that people make their choices for their own reasons, and most of the time, it's none of our business.

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