6 'Parks And Rec' Moments Guaranteed To Make You Cry

6 'Parks And Rec' Moments Guaranteed To Make You Cry

It can't just be laughs all the time, can it?


"Parks and Rec" is a show that I hold near and dear to my heart, and it's kind of become my default that I watch if I'm not caught up on binging another. It's about female empowerment, friendship, and the importance of love and passion in your life (in your relationships and in the workplace). While it is a comedy and most of my tears shed are from laughter, I have to say, there are six moments in particular guaranteed to make me sob like a little baby.

Every. Single. Time.

1. When Ann and Leslie said goodbye.

Season 6, Episode 12

The most important friendship in all of TV history.

2. When Ben proposes to Leslie.

Season 5, Episode 5

3. Ron and Leslie's biggest fight.

Season 7, Episode 4

Anyone that knows this show knows that Ron is not an emotional fella. But seeing him get emotional with Leslie, for even just one episode, straight up KILLS ME.

4. Leslie becomes a councilwoman. 

Season 4, Episode 22

5. Ben and Leslie's wedding.

Season 5, Episode 14

From Ron walking her down the aisle, to her dress, to their vows... Nothing is sweeter than this episode.

6. And, of course, the series finale when the gang reunites.

Season 7, Episode 13

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What Happened To Soulja Boy?

The unanswered questions.

We all know his song "Kiss Me Thru the Phone." It left us with so many unanswered questions, like did he ever get to actually kiss his baby? Did he make his girl his "wifey?" So many questions and no answers. But luckily for you, I am here to fill you in and give you answers. I am going to answer your most pressing questions about what has happened to this rapper.

1. Did he ever get a "wifey?"

Nope! He is currently not married at all. Back in 2015, he had a pretty public breakup with his girlfriend because apparently she was not being loyal and having quite a few affairs with other rappers and famous athletes. Poor Soulja Boy. I bet he does not want to wife her up now.

2. Did he ever change his phone number?

I mean, he only gave it out to everybody in the world. 678-999-8212. Do not try calling it because it's deactivated. I was super upset to learn that. You used to be able to call it and Soulja Boy would answer. I guess he he got tired of his phone constantly blowing up. I mean, I would.

3. Does he still rap?

Besides "Kiss Me Thru The Phone," Soulja Boy also had the hit "Turn My Swag On." He does still rap actually. In the past few years he has actually rapped with the likes of Jay-Z, Kanye West, Eminem, and Flo Rida. No hits though. I mean, I'm writing this article because I have no idea what he's done lately and I assume the same for other people.

4. Is he a dad?

Yes! Soulja Boy has a son! He's probably only a few years old at this point. He has denied allegations many times about fathering other children. This man probably needs to keep it in his pants, but I'm not judging. He can do what he wants.

5. What else do he do?

There were rumors in May about him being involved in a $400 million business deal about owning a celebrity-owned gaming site. Unfortunately, this plan did not come to fruition. The $400 million deal isn't even all cash. Soulja Boy won't get all that money.

But really though, Soulja Boy hasn't done that much. He's basically a two or three hit wonder. Hopefully he can get back in the studio and produce more music. My nostalgia for middle school is so real whenever I hear his music.

Cover Image Credit: Blogspot

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‘You’ Tells Us 15 Truths About Social Media

People get to choose how you See Them.


I just started watching the Netflix show called YOU and I have mix feelings about it. But the most reoccurring feeling I'm experiencing while watching this show is the feeling of being watched.


The main character, Joe, gains all his entail about his love interest, Beck, through her social media accounts. By doing this he gets to see who her friends are, where she works, her boyfriend and even more creepy where she lives!

Now let's face it we all do this sort of 'research' when it comes to meeting someone new. But how far is too far? At what point does it become creepy and invasive? And should we be restricting ourselves for posting such informative personal things about ourselves, despite social media being a platform for expression?

These are some tough questions to answer which I plan to write about later. But for now here are 15 Truths about Social Media we need to consider as shown by the Netflix Show YOU.

1. People often capture only happy moments.

I mean how many people post about their failures and obstacles in life? You usually only get to see a person's achievements through social media. In the show, Joe sees this a lot with Beck's life versus her reality. In which she is often facing frustration and lack of funds.

2.  People often only choose the best out of 100 pictures they take.

Let's face it how many selfies do you take before you choose 'the one'? The truth is people will take hundred upon hundreds of pictures to get the right one. And those candids? Not actually candids.

3. People get to choose how you see them.

The truth about social media is that people get to choose how you see them and where you see them.

In the show, Beck seemed to be happy and it seemed like her life was beautiful. But the reality was that she was constantly struggling and fighting with herself.

4. You don't know a person based off a collage of pictures or tweets. 

So you see where this person goes to school, who they hang out with and what things they like. So you know the person now right? Not at all. The truth is, you can never know someone's life based off pixels and 150 characters.

In the show, Joe was able to recognize this and he questioned who Beck truly was.

5. There are many reasons for a public account. 

You might be thinking that people who have public accounts want to be seen and this was Joe's assumption on Beck. But the truth is there are many reasons for a public account, but this does not mean a person is asking to be stalked.

6. Well it's creepy. 

Social media can be creepy, but the truth is that it also attracts creepy people who can easily enter your life uninvited.

7. There's a point where it goes too far. 

Whether this is you posting something offensive to a certain person or group of people, there's a point where things go too far. It's a blurry line but it exists. There is also a point where it goes too far when you're able to list that persons entire family.

In the show, yeah Joe took it way too far.

8. Lots of things can be deceiving. 

A happy smile? A happy place? A happy life? The truth is everything can be deceiving.

As we see in the show, Joe is able to uncover the lies and fake images being portrayed by almost everyone.

9. No password? BIG NO NO. 

If your password is 123! then that's a big no. The stronger the password, the better protected you are.

In the show, Joe is able to steal Beck's phone, and with her lack of password, he was able to keep up with everything she did and said. CREEPY.

10. Once it's out there, you can't get it back. 

Most people think if they delete a post after a few hours they get to erase it completely. The truth is, more people have viewed that picture than perhaps liked it. And once you place something on the web, it never goes away.

11. Yeah people can easily hack into your account. 

You may never think anyone would ever hack into your account, but it happens..... a lot.

In the show, Joe is easily able to get into Becks and her former boyfriends account easily.

12. Some see social media as a big competition. 

The truth is, a lot of social media is seen as a competition to see who is 'happier' and it has this sort of mindset that 'my life is better than yours'.

In the show, Joe sees that Beck's friends only post their most flattering pictures and luxury items. And by observing them, he sees that there are more problems in the friendship than it appears to be.

13. People will judge you, no matter who you are. 

Bikini pic or fully covered? Yea people are still going to judge you no matter what. The truth is you're never going to be able to please everyone.

14. A private account doesn't mean other's can't see your posts. 

Big surprise but screen-shotting and screen-recording are more popular than ever and almost all phones have these features.

15. Not everyone is a friend. 

How many people know all 10,000 of their followers? The truth of the matter is that not everyone is a friend. The truth is that all people do not have the same intentions.

As seen in the show, Joe sees that Beck's friends are not as loyal as they appear. You can even say that Joe isn't seen as a friend in the beginning with all the digging he's doing.

We've heard it since social media was introduced in our lives and the truth is to be cautious about what you post online. Because you never know who is watching YOU.

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