Have you ever experienced something strange and can't come up with any reasonable explanation for it? It could have happened while you're at home, visiting a historic landmark or perhaps at a place that straight up gives you the creeps. Maybe you heard a loud bang or an object tipped over with not a single person nearby. You felt a bone-chilling coldness fill the room, and your heart started to pound rapidly. You try to think logically that something caused this to happen, but in the back of your mind, you start to panic with fear. If something like this has ever happened you, I'd say there's a chance you may have just had your very own paranormal episode.

During my childhood, I was the typical kid who had many fears. I despised the dark, hated scary movies and never enjoyed being by myself anywhere. Just ask my parents; they'll happily tell you how much of a struggle it was to try and get me to sleep. I'd have phases in which nightmares constantly ruled my dreams. It was a tough thing to cope with. It felt like something I would never be able to overcome. I guess when we were really young, the smallest issues became the biggest problems in our world.

However, that was back in the past. Today the way I used to feel about those kinds of fears disappeared and were replaced by other things. What's ironic is the fact of how now I am so intrigued by anything within the paranormal world. On most nights I'll be the guy who binge-watches tons of ghost hunting shows or does homework listening to podcasts about paranormal investigators and their experiences. Most people get caught off guard when I tell them I am superstitious and believe in ghosts. I crave checking out places that frighten others. Places where you get a spine-tingling, hair-raising and eye-opening experience. The type of locations where people have built up reputations of urban myths and folklore.

I think exploring the unknown is so fascinating to me. We may never get the answers to some of life's biggest questions. What happens after we die? Do we have spirituality in the form of a soul? Are there other dimensions of reality? As humans, I think it drives our minds crazy that we cannot firmly answer these questions. We like to control what we can obtain information about. When we can't gather explanations for why something happens, it builds into our fears. One reason why I enjoy diving into this gray side of life is the challenge of trying to find answers. I'm a curious person and for me, it's fun to test the waters with every aspect of life. There are so many places that have a rich history. Places like the Queen Mary in Long Beach, Calif., the Lizzie Borden House in Fall River, Mass. or Gettysburg Field in Pennsylvania. Investigating in the paranormal brings you to some of the most iconic locations.

Probably the reason why I hooked into the paranormal is by watching Zak Bagans lead his team of investigators on the Travel Channel's hit series "Ghost Adventures." I know it's up for discussion as to how real anything is on television nowadays. Part of why I like following this series is because you get to see the point of view of a professional in the paranormal world. Zak and his team get paid to travel and sight-see many historic landmarks across the United States and the world. Of course, their purpose is to investigate areas and come up with evidence to substantiate the claims of hauntings and weird phenomenon going on.

To me, it doesn't seem like the worst occupation to have. Part of the team purposefully locks themselves inside a location overnight which can be a bit intimating. Like who in the right mind would be crazy enough to stay through the late night and early morning in some of the most haunted locations in the world? Still, I think having the opportunity to diversify yourself with the world around you and gaining deeper knowledge into uncertain parts of life is captivating.

I've seriously considered that if all else fails in my career choices, I'd love to be a paranormal investigator. I believe everyone in this world has a gift. I think one of my many hidden talents is having a spot for the paranormal. Whenever I have the time on my hands, I visit local spots that are well known for being haunted. Probably the location I've frequently had the luxury of investigating is the Whaley House in Old Town San Diego. The house is considered one of the most active and haunted areas in all of Southern California. It was built in 1857 to Thomas Whaley who raised his family on the grounds for a significant amount of time. However, tragedy struck the home and many family members became ill or deceased. Today there have been reports of people experiencing strange incidents inside the home, perhaps linked to the unrested souls that still occupy the area.

People talk about loud thumps or bangs happening throughout the house, hear muffled voices echo in certain rooms and countless pictures documenting objects or clouds of midst that appear to look like figures. During my own investigations, I've had some amazing interactions at the Whaley House. There have been instances where I feel temperature drops transitioning from one room to the next. I have heard loud thuds in parts of the house when the tour guide and I were the only people present in the building. I've taken endless pictures of the property only to find a handful with strange things in the backgrounds. No luck on any voice recordings as of now, but I surely will keep you guys updated if I find anything.

I savor the moments of time being able to check out neat places like the Whaley House. I hope to one day have the blessing of coming across other places on this earth that catch my eye for their spooky reputation. I'm no expert in the paranormal field by any means. I could see it growing into a hobby besides all of my other involvements. I'd like to connect and seek what new chances I can seize during my life. It's nice talking with other people to hear out what they are experiencing too. It helps build credibility and makes you think you're not talking nonsense about the paranormal. You never know what encounters may come your way. I think it's best to do everything you can now to move one step closer towards your passions for the future.

What used to scare me no longer does. Instead, it builds my curiosity. I believe that by living life curiously, it means that the road becomes much more exciting and fun.

I can't wait to see what lies ahead across this sea of the unknown.