Pancakes From Heaven: My Magnolia Table Experience

Pancakes From Heaven: My Magnolia Table Experience

What you should order, see, and buy during your trip! Plus, learn about the best photo ops!

Now what kind of Baylor student would I be if I didn’t choose to stop by the famed Magnolia Table, Chip and Joanna Gaines’ newest brunch bistro? After scrolling through friends’ posts about their visits on opening day, I immediately grabbed the phone to call and find out how early they opened. Much to my surprise, I learned that it was feasible to go and visit before my eight a.m. the next day. I assure you, waking up at six in the morning was a small price to pay for such a remarkable experience!

That morning, after dressing in a casual, cute blouse with my rain boots (as is appropriate to Magnolia Table’s venue and of course Texas weather), Kylee, Emily Jane, and I drove about five minutes to our destination. The proximity was certainly a perk!

Two gentlemen opened the doors for us, highlighting the Southern charm I’m still becoming accustomed to in Texas. The warm hues of the walls and decor were equally as inviting. We were escorted to a table without a moment’s wait and treated as if we were the only three customers in the restaurant. Furthermore, our waitress pointed out a dainty leather pouch behind our seats and told us we were welcome to “unplug” by placing our phones inside. While this was a brilliant idea, we were much too eager to take photos during our stay.

Then, it was time to order. The simplistic yet elegant style of the menu begged for our attention as we considered all of our options. It is my promise to you that you will be thoroughly satisfied with the extent of Magnolia Table’s brunch menu. Avocado toast with garlic aioli, housemade tater tots, Jo’s specialty buttermilk biscuits, and lemon lavender donut holes were just a few of the menu items that tempted us all. However, the buttermilk pancakes, scrambled eggs, and bacon we ordered did not disappoint in the slightest. The pancakes were a generous size and their airiness and fluffy texture was pure heaven if ever such a taste could occur from pancake batter.

Am I biased in my opinions of the scrumptious breakfast I enjoyed? While I have been living off of dorm food for the past two months since Christmas, I can guarantee your stomach will thank you for visiting.

Food aside, it’s also important to order the right drink. I chose the “fresh start,” a medley of grapefruit, lemon, and orange juices. It was better than anything I could’ve asked for, but I’d advise you to choose a different drink if your taste buds don’t appreciate tartness. My friend, Emily Jane, ordered the “fresh face”, a combination of pomegranate, apple, lemon, and watermelon juice. It was refreshing, but definitely had a strong flavor of watermelon. Other juices served include orange juice and a mixture of fresh greens. For you coffee lovers, the extensive menu offers a spin-off of a typical hot cup of coffee with lavender and Texas pecan add-ins. Magnolia Table also offers a variety of both hot and sweet teas, as well as fruity lemonades.

Once our chatting time and photo sessions at our table were complete, our tabs were presented to us inside a blank, leather sleeve. Chip and Joanna had thought of everything, even down to the finishing touch of our meal when we were presented with fresh caramels.

With a few more minutes of time to spare, my friends and I snapped a picture in front of the billboard with Chip’s classic breakfast joke (this is a must!). We also stopped by the mini store, “Take Away” and played “guess that price” with the overpriced touristy mementos. I highly recommend purchasing a mini container of homemade strawberry butter, pimiento cheese, or chicken salad.

Before you go, take notice of Chip and Jo’s handprints right outside the store. A friendly staff member pointed out that Chip made his imprint slightly above Jo’s so that his would appear taller. Right beside their handprints is a wall crisscrossed with vines that is aesthetically appealing. It serves as an ideal picture opportunity.

So there you have it! All that was missing from this outing was Chip and Joanna themselves, but their presence was certainly felt within the walls of their homey restaurant.

Cover Image Credit: Bryanne Sanchez

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