4 Reasons Painting Should Become Your New Years Resolution

4 Reasons Painting Should Become Your New Years Resolution

It's never too late to make a resolution you can actually keep!


Usually, everyone has a resolution involving getting fit, dieting, or cutting toxic people out of their lives. Although there's absolutely nothing wrong with these resolutions, picking up a new hobby is just as good for you! Here are a few reasons on why painting should be your new hobby.

1. No Skills Required!


Painting isn't just for art majors or people with a "knack" for it, it's for anybody! You don't have to be the next Bob Ross to enjoy painting. There are a million different techniques and styles that range from artist to artist. Wanna paint a landscape? Go for it. How about an abstract piece involving only circles? Have at it. There is no right or wrong, and not every painting has to be perfect or even "good". Additionally, as with any talent, skills develop over time with patience and practice!

2. No Fancy Supplies? No Problem!


Okay, so maybe you aren't apprehensive of your skills, but rather how much picking up painting could cost you. Get rid of the mindset that you need fancy brushes, an easel, and the best paints on the market. Truthfully, if you're just starting out it's better to go cheap anyways! It allows you to build up some confidence and really get your style down without breaking the bank. Got an extra 10 bucks? That can get you your brushes, paints, and canvases from just about any dollar store.

3. Your Mental Health Will Thank You


As long as you step into it with no expectations of creating the next Mona Lisa, painting is a great stress reliever. Putting paint to canvas or paper is a soothing process, and is often used in art therapy. In addition, it's great to get negative feelings out of your head and onto a canvas. Think of it as almost a mental purge in the form of paint. Feeling sad? Paint that all blue winter scene! Feeling angry? Paint your enemies on fire! Just don't let your own expectations of how your piece should turn out ruin the experience.

4. Paint Parties Are Totally A Thing!


What's cooler than grabbing some paint and creating art with a few besties? It's easy to find tutorials on youtube that a group can follow along with. It's so cool to see how different the paintings can turn out even though the instructions are the same. Just wanna paint whatever? That's cool too! It can be a really uplifting (sometimes hilarious even) experience to share with those around you.

Overall, it never hurts to try something new. The benefits outweigh any cons because the worst that could happen is you end up not liking a piece, and start over. Even threw that, you're learning what works for you and what doesn't. So grab some paints, a brush, and let your creativity flow!

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It's getting to that point.


It's getting to that time of the year where everyone is struggling to finish off the semester. You've worked all semester to get your grades where they are and you're starting to wonder what the point in all of it is. Here are 6 things to remind you and to help motivate you for the rest of the semester.

1. You've Made It This Far Just A Little Further


You've made it this far and have worked so hard, you just need to find that final wind.

2. You've Got To Support Your Future Dog


"Be the person your dog thinks you are."

3. Maybe Future Family, That's Up To You


If you're wanting to have a family of your own one day, either just you and a pet or you and 4 kids, a good income that comes from your classes will help get you there.

4. Graduate School?


If your career path requires that you go to grad school, you need to continue on keeping your grades up.

5. Your GPA


You've worked all semester to get your grade where it is, why let it drop now?

6. Make Yourself Proud


Once you turn in that last final, you can give yourself a well deserved high five.

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How Nazis Destroyed The Early LGBTQ+ Movement

Berlin was once the center for the LGBTQ+ movement. Was.


Many people are unaware of the LGBTQ+ movement before Stonewall. Broad accusations of queer identities becoming "trendy" are often debated without an in-depth discussion of life before the nuclear family.

There is a reason for this lack of contextual factors. And it's not a happy one. Simon LeVay, neuroscience known for his work with gay men, claims that "America was not the birthplace of the gay-rights movement." Berlin was. Was.

The erasure of LGBTQ+ people, especially transgender people, has been amplified through historical revisionism and censorship throughout the years. An example? The Berlin book burning.

The Berlin book burnings occurred in May 1993, by German university students. This was the largest of the orchestrated burnings, but many occurred throughout the nation. These burnings targeted literature that did not fit within Nazi standards or had "un-German spirit." Many of these works were written and published by Jewish authors. The propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels, claimed: "The era of extreme Jewish intellectualism has come to an end."

Magnus Hirschfield, a sexologist, was one of the many authors who would see the flames of censorship seize his work. Hirschfield formed the Scientific-Humanitarian Committee, dedicated to the social recognition of LGBTQ+ individuals. It was the first queer advocacy group, ever.

Hirshcfield, along with Arnold Kronfeld, also ran the Institut für Sexualwissenschaft, or loosely translated, Institute of Sexology. Hirschfield pioneered the term "transsexualism," and many transgender people were both clients and employees of the Institute, and presented at conferences. The Institute also provided gender-affirming surgeries -- The "Danish Girl," Lili Elbe, underwent surgery here.

In early Berlin, LGBTQ+ magazines existed. LGBTQ+ bars, bookstores, and travel guides existed. Berlin was the birthplace of the LGBTQ+ movement, and many individuals thrived despite laws against homosexuality.

But this all changed when the Nazis came into power.

On May 6, students broke into The Institute and stole the archives of the library, including 12,000+ books. Only four days later, they were destroyed in the burning.

After Nazism took full reign in Germany, life changed completely for LGBTQ+ individuals. An estimated 100,000 men were arrested for homosexuality under Nazi Germany. Up to 15,000 of these men ended up in concentration camps.

We have lost countless, irreplaceable research due to Nazism. We have lost countless, irreplaceable lives due to Nazism.

And we can't let this happen again. With the rise of the far-right, with the passage of laws targeting LGBTQ+ people under the Trump administration, we are losing the progress we've made over the past several years.

So educate yourself on LGBTQ+ history. Speak out against bigotry.

The more education we provide, the less power bigotry will have.

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