A 20th-century British woman accidentally falls back in time through Scottish stones and falls madly in love with an 18th-century Scotsman.

Sounds perfect right, but with that love comes death, adventure, and twenty-years spent apart due to war. This show is filled with so much that it makes you wonder how they filled it all so far into only four seasons. Without giving away any spoilers, I want to convince you that this show is worth your binge-watching time.

The show started out as an amazing book series, written by the one and only Diana Gabaldon.

First releasing in 1991, her books did not receive the praise it deserved until the TV production company "Starz" picked up the television show contract on Outlander and started bringing Diana's amazing story to life.

The casting for the main characters, Jamie Fraser and Claire Fraser, really made the story come to life. Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser was the absolute perfect match as he really brings the character to life. Jamie Fraser is a strong/Built man who shows so much emotion and Sam Heughan delivers that and more during every episode.

It shocks me that this man does not have a golden globe or an Emmy yet. The casting of Caitriona Balfe as Claire Fraser was a bit controversial to the "Outlander" fans due to the fact that Claire in the book is a short curvy woman but the actress is tall and skinny. Caitriona may look absolutely nothing like Claire in the book's description but Caitriona has delivered the true mental embodiment of Claire in her humor and how Claire thinks and acts.

In fact, her amazing performance as Claire Fraser has brought her four Golden Globe nominations.

It's no secret that the two main characters in the book are the love interest to one another and get married very early on in the story. These two characters have a level of passion for each other that is what everyone wants in a marriage and relationship, and Sam and Caitriona bring this passion and love to life in the most amazing way possible.

You can really see how much love these characters have for one another on the screen. With the amount of passion the two actors bring on screen with these characters, it shocks me that they are not together in real life.

The show itself brings together real-life historical people, places, and events and blends it with a fantasy twist, time-travel. Claire, being from the 20th-century, travels accidentally to the 18th-century where the perils of highlander life, love, and a war, causes her to return to her time multiple years later.

Whether you're a fantasy person or a history person, the story blends together these two very different themes in a way that creates a beautiful story that almost seems real. The characters make it so easy to fall in love with due to their witty personalities and the trials and tribulations you see them go through and the people they become because of them.

I highly recommend watching the story of "Outlander" come to life in the television show and see two completely different themes blend together and create such a beautiful story.

While they are currently airing their fourth season on television at the moment, the show is already guaranteed the next two seasons and I can only imagine the show is going to exceed expectations from here!