Everyone Needs To Watch The Show 'Outlander' This Year

Everyone Needs To Watch The Show 'Outlander' This Year

History and time-travel mixed with love and adventure, what else could you want in a TV show?


A 20th-century British woman accidentally falls back in time through Scottish stones and falls madly in love with an 18th-century Scotsman.

Sounds perfect right, but with that love comes death, adventure, and twenty-years spent apart due to war. This show is filled with so much that it makes you wonder how they filled it all so far into only four seasons. Without giving away any spoilers, I want to convince you that this show is worth your binge-watching time.

The show started out as an amazing book series, written by the one and only Diana Gabaldon.

First releasing in 1991, her books did not receive the praise it deserved until the TV production company "Starz" picked up the television show contract on Outlander and started bringing Diana's amazing story to life.

The casting for the main characters, Jamie Fraser and Claire Fraser, really made the story come to life. Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser was the absolute perfect match as he really brings the character to life. Jamie Fraser is a strong/Built man who shows so much emotion and Sam Heughan delivers that and more during every episode.

It shocks me that this man does not have a golden globe or an Emmy yet. The casting of Caitriona Balfe as Claire Fraser was a bit controversial to the "Outlander" fans due to the fact that Claire in the book is a short curvy woman but the actress is tall and skinny. Caitriona may look absolutely nothing like Claire in the book's description but Caitriona has delivered the true mental embodiment of Claire in her humor and how Claire thinks and acts.

In fact, her amazing performance as Claire Fraser has brought her four Golden Globe nominations.

It's no secret that the two main characters in the book are the love interest to one another and get married very early on in the story. These two characters have a level of passion for each other that is what everyone wants in a marriage and relationship, and Sam and Caitriona bring this passion and love to life in the most amazing way possible.

You can really see how much love these characters have for one another on the screen. With the amount of passion the two actors bring on screen with these characters, it shocks me that they are not together in real life.

The show itself brings together real-life historical people, places, and events and blends it with a fantasy twist, time-travel. Claire, being from the 20th-century, travels accidentally to the 18th-century where the perils of highlander life, love, and a war, causes her to return to her time multiple years later.

Whether you're a fantasy person or a history person, the story blends together these two very different themes in a way that creates a beautiful story that almost seems real. The characters make it so easy to fall in love with due to their witty personalities and the trials and tribulations you see them go through and the people they become because of them.

I highly recommend watching the story of "Outlander" come to life in the television show and see two completely different themes blend together and create such a beautiful story.

While they are currently airing their fourth season on television at the moment, the show is already guaranteed the next two seasons and I can only imagine the show is going to exceed expectations from here!

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14 Types Of Girls You Meet At Every College Party As Told By 'The Bachelor' Contestants

There are girls crying, people making out, and more drama than I can handle.


'Bachelor' season is upon us, which means Monday nights are now filled with more drama, more wine, and more crazy. For those of you who are adamant fans, you know what's up. But for those of you still denying yourself the simple (yet insanely chaotic) pleasure of watching the show that makes millions of girls have way too high of expectations for love- you are missing out. It's good, it's terrible, but at the end of the day, you get to spend 2+ hours invested in a bunch of women you don't know dealing with problems that don't affect us in the real world.

Thinking about it, it's just like every college party I've ever been to. There are girls crying, people making out, and more drama than I can handle. Can you tell I don't get out much?

Here are the typical college girls you usually come across on a Friday night.

1. The girl who can't stop crying.


As soon as she downs a couple shots of tequila, her emotions run high and the tears start flowing.

2. The girl who is so rude, you wonder why she's even here in the first place.


She's not here to play games. She isn't afraid to tell it like it is or make a few enemies, even at a darty in the middle of the school year.

3. The girl that can't stop eating.


But like, same tho.

4. The girl that seems to always have her tongue down some dudes throat.


Hey, no judgement. You do you, girl.

5. The girl that's just a little bit on the crazy side.


6. The girl who's just there to have a good time.


She's the one dancing all by herself till 2 a.m. every weekend and always having a blast.

7. The girl too drunk to function.


You know you're going to have to help her into the Uber in about 20 minutes before she pukes everywhere.

8. The girl who only goes out to get dressed up and show off.


9. The girl who ends up leaving you for some random dude she just met 10 minutes ago.


And she's your ride. Sucks for you.

10. The girl always ready to start a fight.


You can pick her out by the shape of her eyebrows. This girl is usually quiet, loyal, and willing to bitch-slap anyone who comes between her and her one night out.

11. The girl looking for her future husband.


For some reason, this girl thinks that her Mr. Right is going to be found at 3 a.m. in the nastiest bar downtown. Trust me honey, you can do better than that.

12. The girl who won't mind her own business.


She LOVES knowing everything about everyone and makes her way through the party at least 3 times to get the full scoop on everyone there.

13. The girl who seems to have been raised by a pack of wild bears. 


She acts like she's never been out of the house, or that her parents didn't raise her, like, at all.

14. The girl who's just there to take care of everybody.


The typical "mom" friend and DD.

If I've learned anything from watching 'The Bachelor' or from college, it's that there's no such thing as normal.

I'd much rather spend my time watching Netflix in bed all day than have to put on jeans just to go to a party where drunk people get too close to me. The heart wants what the heart wants.

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Megyn Kelly Was Fired For Making Racist Comments, But Still Walks Away With $30 Million

Following her comments regarding blackface halloween costumes, Megyn Kelly leaves the NBC network and faces controversy surrounding her snow


After facing backlash following her controversial comments on NBC, Megyn Kelly has left the television network with a $30 million dollar payout. Last October, Megyn Kelly made comments saying that she did not understand why wearing blackface on Halloween would be perceived as racist. After the remarks were heard across the nation, she decided to part ways with NBC.

Megyn Kelly is a known as a former Fox News anchor who departed the television station in 2017. The reason for her departure from Fox News stemmed from her hatred for Donald Trump and his association with the news channel. Kelly covered a large variety of different stories during her time as a reporter, which followed by her obtaining her own show. After the show began, political stories became more regular on her show and President Donald Trump began taking notice. Megyn began to notice that she had not enjoyed being on the political side of the news, and it did not align with her morals and values. Once she realized this is not what she wanted to do, she decided to leave and pursue her own show.

Her show was titled "Megyn Kelly Today", and premiered in September 2017. At its premiere, it received negative reviews for the quality of her hosting and appropriateness as a daytime personality. According to multiple reports, her departure was planned months before it was announced. Megyn was in talks of moving to MSNBC, but she did not see it as the right fit and she did not think that the audience of the network would accept her. She began talks with the chairman of NBC, Andy Lack, about her concerns regarding the show. Around the one year anniversary of the premiere of the snow, Megyn knew that the show was not as big of a hit as expected, and she decided she needed to take the necessary steps towards a new future.

Megyn wanted to lean towards a talk show host such as Oprah or Charlie Rose. She said she wanted to help people and wanted to steer away from politics. However, it was difficult for her to separate from her Fox News reputation. She is not able to return to the news network because she left on bad terms, after discussing sexual harassment claims against the channel's co-founder, Roger Ailes. After facing backlash from these claims with Fox News, she then began facing more negativity surrounding her show.

After a panel discussing the appropriateness of blackface in Halloween costume, Megyn noted that you get in trouble if you are a white person who puts on blackface for Halloween or a black person who put on whiteface for Halloween. According to Kelly, she believed this to be okay when she dressed up for Halloween when she was younger as long as you were dressing up like a character. Later that day, she apologized for the comments and realized that people need to be more sensitive in the world today. She then joined African-American journalists regarding controversies that blackface brings. After these comments were made, Kelly still received a payout of $30 million dollars from her $69 million dollar contract.

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