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11 Things You Need To Do If You Visit Outer Banks, North Carolina — It's Nothing Like The Netflix Series

Paradise on earth.

11 Things You Need To Do If You Visit Outer Banks, North Carolina — It's Nothing Like The Netflix Series
Josie Murray

If you know me or my family at all, then you know we vacation in the Outer Banks of North Carolina several times each year. I will preface this by saying NO, the real place is nothing like the Netflix series shows it.

As we vacationed, we figured out the best things to do, places to see, and places to eat (my favorite part).

The OBX is my second home, so here are some activity recommendations from an (almost) local!

1. See the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

Josie Murray

The lighthouse has a lot of history. They converted the old keeper's houses into historical museums that teach about the island and the lighthouse.

You can also climb the lighthouse (heat index permitting) but be prepared for the 12-story climb. It's a long way up, but the view at the top is well worth it.

2. Take the ferry to Ocracoke Island for the day

Josie Murray

Ocracoke Island has a bit of a different vibe than the main island. It's a lot more small shops and restaurants, but they have some of our favorite spots on the island.

The ferry takes about 30 minutes to an hour between the islands but looking out at the water is very calming.

3. Eat at Bro’s


Bro's Burger Shack has what have been called the "best burgers in America", and they live up to that status.

If burgers aren't your thing, they do have salads, wings, and some other odds and ends things that are certain to be crowd-pleasers.

4. Uncle Eddy’s Frozen Custard and Mini Golf

Spongebob Squarepants Movie GIFGiphy

Nothing beats ice cream at the beach, and mini-golf is a beach staple. If you need a break from the sand and sea, head over to Uncle Eddy's for some custard and a round of mini-golf with your crew!

5. Lighthouse Sports Bar

Josie Murray

Lighthouse is a more recent find of ours. They mostly serve typical bar food, but they make something called a Hatteras flat. The restaurant that created these has since closed down, but they have replicated it perfectly.

The best way I can describe it is an inside out quesadilla pizza. Overall, it's a must-visit if you're near Buxton.

6. Farmers Market and Art Show

Local artist mural at the Gingerbread House in Buxton.

Josie Murray

Hatteras Island has a Farmer's Market and Art Show that travels up and down the island every week. We like to go see the new artists and one's we've befriended as well as pick up fresh fruits and veggies for the house!

7. Wild Horses


If you're in Corolla (or don't mind a little drive) you can make a day trip to go on a wild horse tour. Horses used to roam the island, and Corolla may be the only place where they are still truly wild.

I've never been, but the people who have say that it's a magical experience.

8. Offshore fishing


I am in no way a fisherman, but my dad and my brother certainly are. Each trip, they take a day on a charter fishing boat.

While it can be VERY pricey, you keep a lot of the fish you bring in, and it sounds like a fun day if you like to fish!

9. Go see the sunrise at Old Lighthouse beach in Avon

Josie Murray

Since the 2018 and 2019 hurricanes, the old lighthouse base at the Hatteras Lighthouse has been getting more and more exposed (which I find super cool).

If you're willing to get up early, seeing a sunrise by the old lighthouse debris is absolutely beautiful.

10. Order pizza from Nino’s


Nino's has New York style pizza, and it's our night one tradition when we go to the beach. If you're in the Avon area, definitely stop in!

11. Go down to the beach (duh)!

Josie Murray

I mean, that's why you're there, right?

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