I Ordered Clothes From ThredUp And This Is What Happened

I Ordered Clothes From ThredUp And This Is What Happened

When you'll do just about anything to add a new piece of clothing to your wardrobe...

Just like any other nineteen-year-old girl on a slow Monday afternoon, I opened Instagram for the tenth time that day. But instead of seeing a friend’s post, I saw Sadie Robertson posing smugly in a cherry red sweater. Her post invited me to, “Swipe through to see (her) favs from online resale shop @thredup.” Intrigued, I scrolled through her collection of pictures and was in awe of the amount of name brand clothing she was promoting. I decided to check out this fashion resale shop for myself.

As a (somewhat) broke college student, I especially appreciated the discounted prices thredUp offered. Their filters were extremely effective in narrowing my search to “petite,” “xs,” “dresses,” or anything else I wanted to browse. I could also narrow my search to look at items that were labeled “new with tags,” or I could settle for “like-new” purchases. I was hesitant to expand my search to “gently used” or “signs of wear,” because some descriptions of the items indicated that the fabric was fading or fraying.

After scrolling through a few pages of clothing that fit into all of the categories I was interested in, I decided to purchase a black Ann Taylor dress sized for petites. It was priced at $23.99 with the tags still attached, but I knew I still had to apply the promotional code Sadie Robertson had advertised. I also ordered a casual floral printed dress that was priced at $9.99 and was said to be “in excellent condition… you might even mistake it for brand new!”

After applying the promotion code, I received a whopping 40% off my order. My total for two elegant dresses (to include a BRAND NEW ANN TAYLOR DRESS) rang up at $28.03 (what a steal), including tax and a flat rate of $5.99 for shipping and handling. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on these two pieces! As a bonus, thredUp asked for my friends’ emails addresses so that they could receive $10 off their first purchase, a deal my friend Jordan has already enjoyed.

About two to three weeks later, my orders arrived in cute brown and teal polka dot packages. Each dress was wrapped delicately in colorful tissue paper. I unwrapped the black Ann Taylor dress first and it looked exactly as the picture had shown, tags and all. It fit quite well, but the sleeves were cut at seemingly arbitrary angles. They were proportionate to each other and to the dress but made it appear boxy. Nevertheless, I plan to wear this dress to church and formal outings.

The second, floral dress was sadly too big for my small frame. However, two of my best friends, Emily Jane and Gracie, fit into it. Gracie even wore this piece to a country concert she attended the next day! This dress has now found its new home in her closet.

All in all, I was completely satisfied with both of my purchases. I realize that I have to be particularly selective when finding clothes to fit me because I am petite. This is why I wholeheartedly commend thredUp for full disclosure of each item’s condition as well as information about the material, measurements, and description of each article of clothing. Plus, if I had wanted to return any of the items, I would have received store credit for my returned purchases.

The only downside to thredUp is the “seller” aspect of this company. I warn you against selling your clothes to this site because I have read multiple complaints that this company will not give you a fair payout for your clothes, even if they are name brand pieces.

So go ahead and give thredUp a chance, especially if you’re a half-broke college student in search of cute clothes to add to your wardrobe. Just look carefully at each item’s description first and be sure to insert a promotion code! You can even email me the free $10 if you feel so inclined! :)

Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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10 Beauty Products That Will Never Let You Down

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I started wearing makeup in seventh grade, and I'm just getting to the point where I'm above average. I'm too scared to do anything adventurous because I know it'll end badly. Ever since then, I've found some items that help me look like I know what I'm doing.

1. Urban Decay-Eyeshadow Primer Potion - $13

This primer is the like the superwoman of all eyelid primers. I've been using it since my sophomore year of high school and it has never let me down once. I could probably run a marathon and my eyeshadow would still be in place, this primer is so good.

2. Thrive Mascara - $24

I have naturally long eyelashes and sometimes mascara can be a struggle. I was using a different mascara for several years that I loved it, but it was a pain to get off of my eyelashes. I took a chance and bought this mascara this summer and have never looked back. Not only does it give me the best volume but it comes off in tubes like fake eyelashes. I will probably never buy a different mascara again.

3. Mario Bedescu-Facial Spray with Aloe, Chamomile and Lavender - $12

There aren't enough words to describe how great this product is. Not only does it smell like lavender fairies are kissing me but it's also such a versatile product. I've it as a refresher after a long day and as a setting spray to make my makeup look more natural.

4. The Balm- Mary-Lou Manizer Highlighter - $24

I was first introduced to this highlighter when I wore it for my senior prom. I loved the look of it so much that I texted the person who did my makeup because I had to get it for myself. It's a perfect combination of natural and KAPOW. It's subtle but noticeable at the same time.

5. Becca First Light Primer - $38

It smells just as amazing as it looks. I like this primer because it's not heavy on my skin and just feels like a second layer of lotion. I use this as a primer and as a tinted moisturizer when I am not feeling foundation and it gives my skin a healthy glow.

6. Aveeno Positively Nourishing Calming Body Lotion - $5.74

If I had to smell one thing for the rest of my life, it would be this. Its so calming and I think I would put it all over my body if I could. As my roommate said one time "it smells so nice."

7. Micro Beauty Blenders - $7

When I would use a big beauty blender for concealer it would get all over my face instead of where I wanted it to be. This beauty blender has been a God-send and has made applying concealer so much easier.

8. Colourpop Give To Me Straight Eyeshadow Palette - $16

This eyeshadow palette is not only the cheapest palette I've ever bought but it gives me so many options too. From innocent pinks to matte Rosie colors, I can always find a good combination in this palette.

9. Real Techniques Blend + Blur All Over Brush - $19

Blending is a real struggle with me and sometimes a beauty blender can miss a few mistakes. This brush is not only easy to use but it helps create an even and finished look when I need those last little touch ups.

10.  Wet Brush - $13.99

My hair can be extremely tangled at times and this brush makes it seem like I'm brushing through butter. I use it with wet or dry hair and I never feel like I'm damaging my hair and making the tangles worse.

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