Opening Acts In A World Of Headliners.
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Opening Acts In A World Of Headliners.

How openers are important too and how we may just find something we love in little things.

Opening Acts In A World Of Headliners.
Phoenix Johnson, @phojoh

The first concert I ever went to was a Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana concert combined, probably one of the more interesting experiences of my life. While I will say I enjoyed that concert, it wasn't my preferred choice of artists. I was dragged to that concert because it was a gift for my older sister, who at the time was obsessed with both the Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana. I remember vividly, hearing them perform and thinking to myself "this is fun, but what about the smaller performers?"

I couldn't help but think about the band that came on before them, a band I couldn't even remember because it is all too common for the headliner to triumph over the opener. This became something I quickly forgot about because after that concert, I didn't go to another until I was about 15, almost 7 years later.

The band COIN was playing their first headlining show in Richmond Virginia ever. They were playing at the smallest venue in the city which was not even close to selling out, you could buy tickets at the door for around 10 dollars. However, the band was performing like they were never going to play again, playing as if they had sold out Madison Square Garden and acted as if they had sold out and were selling tickets for over hundreds of dollars, they had something to prove. At first, people who weren't familiar with them were skeptical, but the hype that gravitated around lead singer and synth player Chase Lawrence led everyone to their feet in the bands final song "Fingers Crossed." Ever since this night, this band has played to crowds with over two thousand people in the audience, this fall, they're the opening act for the the band known as the Arkells in their Arena tour across Canada, these will easily be the biggest venues that this small Nashville based band has ever played.

While COIN still loves to perform as an opening act, recently opening for bands such as Fitz and the Tantrums and Young the Giant, and before their first headlining tour, opening for Matty Healy and the 1975, they have grown into a band that still gives every show one hundred percent of their effort. And if you don't believe me, they'll be on tour for the spring of 2020 performing their new album "Dreamland" which will be released in late January.

Pay attention to opening acts, they will be the most passionate performers in the business and you might just find yourself falling in love with something new, a feeling everyone deserves to have at some point.

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