Dear future husband,

First off, I have to say: I wonder if I'll actually show this to you or not. Either way, this is a letter of my hopes for our future. I have no idea if I have already met you or not, but whoever you are, I know you are a man of God. God will be the center and foundation of our relationship. We will not just attend church every so often. We will pray together. We will worship together. Our relationship will be a journey and I'm so excited to see how we will both grow closer to God.

I have prayed for you. I have prayed for patience, for I know great things cannot be rushed. I know that when the time is right, I will know for sure because God's timing is perfect. I already have a Pinterest board for our wedding because yes, I am one of those girls.

As you know, I love planning things and I need reminders to have patience. I'm a handful. I can be messy, insecure, loud, shy, and more. I am flawed. But you are also flawed because we are human. I know you'll understand that as I do and we'll laugh at our mistakes and imperfections.

I know you will be full of light. Of course, like everyone, you'll have some darkness but nothing that can't be overcome. I know you will be hopeful when I'm doubtful. I know you will be an encourager for when I'm lazy. Most of all, I know you will love me unconditionally.

I hope you will have a job you love. I will love you the same if you're a hotshot doctor or if you're struggling to find a career you love. We will be on the same team, always.

I know we'll have fights because we are human. But I pray our fights will make us stronger, not weaker. No matter the size of our fight, I know it will always end in forgiveness.

I hope you will be the one for me. Though I cannot predict the future, I trust my instinct in finding the right husband. I have full confidence in that we will be together till the end. Whether I have already met you, or I'll meet you in eight years, I am joyful and excited for our future to come.


Your future wife