Don't Wish Your Life Away

Don't Wish Your Life Away

Every day is special, take it all in.

Something my father always says is “Youth is wasted on the young." Naturally, as a child, I never understood what he meant by that. I was always dreaming of the future.

In middle school, I wished I were in high school; going to football games, singing in the choir, and getting involved in anything and everything there. In high school, I wished I was an adult, beginning a section of my life that was chalked full of independence and new experiences. I wanted to be in college, taking classes on my future career, making adult connections and starting to work and save money. I was always wishing for a part of my life that I wasn’t ready for yet. I wasn’t worried as much about what I was doing that day, rather what tomorrow could and would bring.

Now, I’m in college and am beginning to understand what my dad’s been trying to say. Being an adult isn’t always what you dream it’ll be: it’s not easy. It’s piles of homework that you work feverishly to get done on time. It’s going to advising appointments and career fairs to make connections with future employers and working to make yourself the most marketable potential employee you can be. It’s moving out on your own; cooking, cleaning and creating a schedule for yourself to get everything you need to get done.

Do I still love college and the life I live right now? Of course. But, no matter how happy I am, I still crave the next segment of my life; that being settling down and having a stable career and a family of my own.

It’s okay to think about the future, we all do it. But I’ve realized that I’m living in the future, and not taking in the present. I’m always thinking ‘what’s next?’ as opposed to ‘what am I doing right now?’ and I need to take a step back and really look at what my life is like at this moment. Because before I know it, I’ll be living that settled life, with my stable career and family of my own, wishing that I could be 19 again and quoting my father saying “Youth is wasted on the young.”

Take in the now and stop wishing for the future all of the time. Whether you’re 16, 26, 56 or any age, try and live life one day at a time and soak in every memory you create.

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The Random Roommate That Was Fate

From strangers to best friends, sisters and lifelong partners.

One of the things that I was most excited about for college was meeting new friends. Coming from a small town where everybody knew each other, I was just ready to meet a whole new group of people. So when it came down to figuring out where I was going to live, I decided to just go random with my roommate. While of course I was nervous at first since so many people have had horror stories with random roommates, I knew that most likely, I was going to be fine.

When I got my room assignment, I found that I was rooming with 3 other girls. When I found out my immediate roommate, I began to, as one does, look at all her social media. Quickly I realized that we were complete opposites. I’m a Disney-loving theatre kid, and she’s an athletic soccer player. Seeing all of our differences definitely got me nervous, but I was still excited to get to know the girl that I would be sharing a room with for a whole year.

When it came around to move in day, we met for the first time in the lobby of our dorm. I made eye contact, called her name and said “Hey! I’m your roommate!” and gave her a big hug. She probably thought I was crazy in that moment.

My roommate became the person that knew everything about me and I could tell her anything without shame. She laughed at my corny jokes and my terrible dance moves, and she always knew how to make me feel better when days were hard. I try to do the same for her, and hopefully succeed.

When we went on breaks, we would text all the time (or as often as we could when we weren’t working) just to keep up with each other and tell funny stories we experienced. We even became snap famous for a day! She became my person, my best friend. Even through all our differences, we found that they brought us closer together to create a friendship unlike any other.

Not only did I get a roommate for another year, I got a friend for a lifetime. To my best friend, my pal, my random roommate. I am SO thankful for you.

Cover Image Credit: Stacy DiCandilo

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I Am Embarrassed To Be A Millennial

In light of the Tide Pod challenge, I feel like I should be honest about my generation.

I wanted to write an article shaming the people from my generation who are eating Tide Pods, but that has been done. So, I wrote this instead.

People hate Millennials for a variety of reasons. We are “lazy, entitled brats”, or so the older generations say. I am a Millennial. I was born in 1993. I may be an older Millennial, but I am a Millennial none the less. And, if I am being honest, I am embarrassed to be a Millennial, and not because of what older generations say about my generation, but because of those who make the older generations think we are, in fact, “lazy, entitled brats”. I’m not like the other people in my generation, so, please, don’t assume that I am anything like my generation simply because I was born in the 90s.

I have never been like other people my age. I have always surrounded myself with adults, because I never clicked or connected with people my own age. I’m terrible with children – always have been, even when I was one. My generation does things differently. I am old fashioned. I want to go on real dates and talk on the phone – not text "f*ckboys" I meet on Tinder. I like having a landline in my home. I know what a landline is! I have the common sense to not eat a piece of plastic filled with laundry detergent. I believe in hard work, determination, getting to places on time – or even early. I know that things don’t come free – money, love, respect. If you want something, anything, you need to earn it. I struggled to get a job. I applied and applied, and I finally got a part time job, and I have been there five years. So many of my co-workers over the last five years have been let go, because they were young people who thought that they could come in late and not do their fair share of the work and still get paid. Sadly, this isn’t all of my generation. A lot of the people I know in my generation are like me, but the few that are afraid to talk on the phone and spend their free time eating Tide Pods and stalking Kylie Jenner are the ones in the limelight. They are the ones the media zones in on, and they are the ones that make me look bad, and while I hate that, maybe it is a good thing? Maybe it is good to know that I look bad at the expense of the bad Millennials. At least I know that I am not making the bad ones look good when they did nothing to deserve it.

There are a lot of really great things about Millennials. Studies show we are nicer and more accepting than older generations. We believe in equal rights between races and genders, and we are strongly for gay marriage. We are lovers and not haters. We practice safer sex more than other generations. On average, Millennials have less sexual partners than other generations (eight per lifetime as apposed to 10 for Gen X and 11 for Boomers), and start having sex at older ages than older generations. And, despite what people say, Millennials are not job-hoppers. People who are ages 22 to 29 today are less likely to leave their job than their older co-workers, and those who do leave are leaving for better paying jobs. So, while you Gen-Xers and Boomers sit there are complain about my generation, know two things: 1. Millennials are kicking more ass than you ever could imagine and 2. The morons of my generation are ruining it for people like me – a hard working millennial who is quite honestly embarrassed to call herself a Millennial despite all their good qualities. So, a heartfelt thank you to you Tide Pod eating morons that are giving my generation a bad name. You should feel so much shame.

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