An Open Letter to a Former Sister
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Student Life

An Open Letter to a Former Sister


Although we will never wear the same two letters again, thank you for everything.

To a best friend:

It’s hard to believe that two years have passed since we first met. Furthermore, it’s nearly impossible to imagine a life without you anymore. Although our first encounter at Bid Day was brief, you have been present every day since. On a day when girls are screaming, jumping, crying and scared, you came up to me and talked about how hot and humid it was (as of this day, you still have the gift of being able to strike up a convo with anyone and anything). Soon enough, we were both joking about the afros we were rocking and deciding what hairstyle would best conceal our lion manes in the Bid Day pictures we were shortly going to be taking.  

Since then, we have not only survived days with 100% humidity, but we have gotten through every curveball life has ever thrown at either of us, together (with a little help from our friends Moscato and Jose Cuervo). It has been anything but a challenge to get along with you; occasionally, I remember wishing we were less similar so I could get my homework done before midnight instead of 3 a.m. I would be lying if I said I remembered when exactly it was that we became inseparable, but I’d like to think it was somewhere in-between dancing on tables, eating bagels in the wee hours of the morning together and sharing life stories in a bathroom on Unofficial.        

Throughout our two years of friendship, you have not only made me laugh, but you have made me cry from laughing so hard; yet here I find myself, crying tears of sadness. Since knowing you, you have impacted my life in more ways than I ever thought possible. For starters, you sat down with me for hours on end and taught me (or at least tried) ACCY 201 and ACCY 202. Even though you knew I sat in class reading TSM and texting the entire time, not even attempting to pay attention to Susan or Julie’s lectures, you still decided to take the role of my personal tutor when no one else would step up to the challenge. Furthermore, you got me to attend lectures without attendance- something I never thought I would do in my four years of college. 

However, academics aside, you were always there giving me life advice (in terms of Gossip Girl quotes) whenever I needed it, and were almost always ready to step in when I wanted someone to go out with. In addition, you made sure to ask me how my day was going... every single day. And although at times the answer I gave you in reply was probably more than you originally bargained for when asking, thank you for always listening to me. 

Then came… South Padre. Together we survived a 26-hour bus ride together eating nothing but McDonald’s and cream cheese -- who knew this was even possible? Between a clogged shower, sink and toilet, a stained couch, Whataburger and a boat cruise that got the best of us, my memories of South Padre with you will never be forgotten (even though my brain cell count took a hit that week).  

However, above all else, thank you for teaching me to see the good in everything and everyone. As a person who can be quick to judge, you taught me that everyone and everything is beautiful in their own way- something that the majority of Greek life (especially during recruitment) seems to forget. Sitting here typing this, I still find it difficult to believe I won’t be able to make you laugh at chapter when everyone is silent, say you are a part of my sorority, and most of all, be able to call you a sister. Nevertheless, even if the same two letters no longer bond us, you will forever be someone I am proud to call a best friend.        

Wherever it is life may take you, I’ll always be by your side when you need someone to cry with, eat Chipotle with, quote/imitate Gossip Girl with or even someone to go to Wine Night with.    

And don’t forget: never, ever, stop makin’ moves.    

Love you always.

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