How can you shop safely online?

4 Tips For Anyone With An Online Shopping Addiction

We all know shopping can be stressful so thankfully we can just do it all online nowadays.


Here are my top tips for the most efficient ways to online shopping.

1. Check measurements

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Since you cannot try on the clothing items, check the measurements for each size then measure yourself to get the best fit possible. You can often check the models' measurements to see how it would look on you or how long it will be.

2. Check reviews

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For clothing items on the site, check the individual reviews. Customers will often leave pictures of themselves in the article of clothing that way you can better imagine how it will fit you. Also, you can look at the comment reviews to see if they recommend to size up or down.

3. Do your research

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Only shop on sites you trust because there is less of a chance your order being messed up. If you do not know the site or have never used it before then research it because most of the time you can find review videos or sites telling you other people's experiences with the site.

4. Sign up for rewards programs

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Most major clothing companies have rewards systems. All you have to do is simply sign up with your email or phone number. So when you shop you are earning points toward your future purchases. They also tend to send first-time signup bonuses, which is a fun extra bonus.

Hopefully, if you use these tips, it will make your shopping experience as easy and stressful as possible.

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I've Been Working Out With Cassey Ho Since High School Because Surprisingly, Working Out Can Be Fun

Cassey is a fountain of positivity everyone needs in their life


Ever since my freshman year of high school I have been following Cassey Ho, a fitness instructor and entrepreneur. Cassey specializes in a genre of pilates called "Pop Pilates", which involves total body exercises without any equipment.

My mom first introduced me to her early on in my first year of high school. I immediately fell in love with her workouts and positive energy. In all of her videos, Cassey is an endless source of motivation. I'm all about having optimistic role models and inspirations in my life, so she is a great addition to my list.

Cassey makes her workouts fun and available to everybody. Every week she uploads new routines to her youtube channel, blogilates. After being on YouTube for almost ten years, Cassey has plenty of workouts to choose from when browsing her channel.

I typically follow her free workout calendar, which she makes every month. With around five videos per day written on the calendar, totaling to around an hour of exercising, Cassey succeeds in making you stick to your workout routine.

Every summer since my freshman year of high school, I have participated in her month's designated workout schedule. Her videos are pilates oriented, so I recommend having an interest in pilates if you are going to introduce Cassey into your life.

She truly makes exercising fun and enjoyable while giving life advice to her viewers of all ages. Her workout routines can be challenging; however, she offers modified versions of various exercises. Although sometimes during the workouts a move may feel easy, but I can promise you that you'll be sore the next day.

As well as being an overall fitness queen, Cassey is a fountain of positivity. Through one video, you benefit from a good workout, life advice, and inspiration.

I'm so grateful that my mom discovered Cassey's Youtube channel and introduced her to me. She played a huge role in motivating me to workout and live out a healthy lifestyle.

I highly recommend checking out Cassey's Instagram and youtube to start feeling a change in both your body and mindset.

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On The Road To Early Adulthood

Memoir from my early teens.


Most individuals would define me as a military brat. My dad, who is now retired, dedicated twenty-two years of his life to fighting for his country in the United States Army. In the last two or so years of his career, my mom, my two little sisters and I trekked across the ocean with him all the way to his last duty station in Wiesbaden, Germany. Boy, was that a new experience. I was starting my freshman year of high school in a strange place. To make matters worse, we had moved in the middle of the year so it was clear I was going to be one of, if not the only, new kid.

Although the school was run by the military, meaning it was full of American students, I still had the jitters about the whole situation. It seemed to be a whole new world overseas. Not just the school, but the quaint little towns and nearby cities. High school there turned out to be way better than I thought. In fact, that is what began my transition to adulthood.

While the school provided lunch for all students, most were allowed to leave and go off campus to nearby stores to obtain their lunches. Going off campus was about the only adult-like thing I had done at that point and I absolutely loved it. Nearly every day I left campus to go to the bowling alley, commissary, or PX to buy whatever I wanted for lunch. After arriving home and completing all of my homework, my parents allowed me to go out with my friends and ride the nearby bus to downtown Wiesbaden, which happened to be a short distance away.

I was presented with yet another adult like situation. Who else gets to walk around and shop with friends in a foreign country with no parents in sight? I was finally able to be free and buy clothes, accessories, and more without the watchful eyes of my parents. It was a great experience and I loved every moment of it. After a while though, I figured out that both lunch and shopping was adding up to much more money than I expected. At that point, I decided to get a job.

Babysitting was the easiest job to attain, but the hardest to perform. My mom made friends with ladies that had loads of children for me to watch. Watching children younger than me gave me a sense of responsibility. It was my first job and I was going to do my very best to uphold it.

After some of my first babysitting jobs, it hit me that I was no longer a little child anymore.I had blossomed into a young lady. I continued to babysit for the remainder of the time there so I could acquire a constant flow of income. That way, I could afford to pay for my lunch and shopping trips with no problem.

Living in Wiesbaden, Germany was a once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget. With that transition, my childhood began to disappear as my adulthood blossomed to incorporate my new interests and activities.

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