Here are my top tips for the most efficient ways to online shopping.

1. Check measurements

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Since you cannot try on the clothing items, check the measurements for each size then measure yourself to get the best fit possible. You can often check the models' measurements to see how it would look on you or how long it will be.

2. Check reviews

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For clothing items on the site, check the individual reviews. Customers will often leave pictures of themselves in the article of clothing that way you can better imagine how it will fit you. Also, you can look at the comment reviews to see if they recommend to size up or down.

3. Do your research

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Only shop on sites you trust because there is less of a chance your order being messed up. If you do not know the site or have never used it before then research it because most of the time you can find review videos or sites telling you other people's experiences with the site.

4. Sign up for rewards programs

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Most major clothing companies have rewards systems. All you have to do is simply sign up with your email or phone number. So when you shop you are earning points toward your future purchases. They also tend to send first-time signup bonuses, which is a fun extra bonus.

Hopefully, if you use these tips, it will make your shopping experience as easy and stressful as possible.