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18 Online Avatar Games You Had An Unhealthy Obsession With When You Were A Kid

Prepare to go way back deep in your unconscious.

18 Online Avatar Games You Had An Unhealthy Obsession With When You Were A Kid
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The age of functional internet only meant one thing: online social platforms.

Forget about,, and You can interact with REAL people. ONLINE. AND THE BEST PART? You can be whoever you want to be. Look however you want to be. And BE whoever you want to be.



(Sounds a little creepy right?)

This was the original age of catfishing. The original age of social networking, competition, strange online relationships, and all other kinds of dynamics.

This was the age of begging your parents for a $50 membership to get all the fancy schmancy access to rare items for your look and your virtual house.

THIS was the emergence of avatar online games.

1. Webkinz


Nobody picked the frog. If you picked the frog you are an actual psycho.

2. Club Penguin

Club Penguin





Pull out your hard hats and start dancing

3. Build-A-Bear-Ville


I made my parents buy me a $45 stuff toy just to get the damn access code.

4. Gaia


Everybody who played this game now works or has worked at hot topic.

5. Maplestory


I know you watched those maplestory love story episodes and music videos. I know I did. And let me tell you, this was the original K-Drama.



It was like Jersey Shore but online. A lot of weirdo predators. Online virtual game for adults. That seems a but oxymoronic.

7. Neopets


*flashbacks of McDonalds Happy Meals hit*

8. Fantage


Honestly, their whole deal with having characters float on little hover machines instead of walk was such a good move to save time on coding.

9. Monster High

Monster High

I hear they're doing pretty well for themselves!

10. Poptropica


11. Dizzywood


OK. Confession. This was MY FAVORITE GAME. I was like actually popular and well known in the community. In fact, I recognize all these four avatars pictured above. They were my friends LOL

12. WeeWorld


13. Wizard 101

Wizard 101

The best 10 year challenge yet.

14. Moshi Monsters

Moshi Monsters

People who chose the zombie were psychos

15. My Little Pet Shop Online

LPS Online

Funny story, I would get to Kohls and rip off the access codes off of "my little pet shop" toys to get access to the games.

16. Secret Builders

Secret Builders

Essentially what became of DizzyWood after it was shut down due to too many virtual sexual interactions. YIKES

17. Movie Star Planet

MovieStar Planet

Kim K game who?

18. Pixie Hollow

Pixie Hollow

Honestly, I was living my dream. My fairy was cute AF.

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