3 Ways You Can Help 2 Best Friends Change The Lives Of Cancer Patients
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3 Ways You Can Help 2 Best Friends Change The Lives Of Cancer Patients

How two boys are following their dreams and helping others do just the same

3 Ways You Can Help 2 Best Friends Change The Lives Of Cancer Patients
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A few months ago, as I was bopping around the interwebs, I came across the story of Chris and Dillon. The two have been best friends forever and have stuck together through thick and thin, especially when Chris’ cancer came back. Not willing to sit in a classroom and watch his friend die, Dillon dropped out of college and posted a video explaining how he would help Chris complete his bucket list.

Are you crying yet? I know I was. On their website, they have posted their bucket list of over a 100 tasks, which they are well on their way to completing. Some include; lifting weights with The Rock, pillow fights with strangers, and going to a ropes course. And all of their adventures are documented through their vlogs. But, their bucket list is not only serving them. A large portion of the list is serving others. From giving homeless people meals and water to handing random people in traffic food, the duo is trying to make the best of the time they have together.

But they know that they are not the only ones going through this horrible battle. Thus, they decided it was time to move beyond themselves. Chris and Dillon have made it their life’s mission to help others accomplish their bucket lists. Right now, they are working with a young girl named Lexi, who almost a year ago, was diagnosed with stage four Ewing's Sarcoma. With an army of people supporting and funding her list, Chris and Dillon are helping to make sure that Lexi, and others, live out the one life that we all have.

But they cannot do it alone. They need your help. There are three amazing ways you can get involved --

1. Follow Their Social Media

Simple as that. Most of their content is posted on Youtube, but they also have Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Follow their journey and watch as Chris and Dillon check off their bucket list and help others.

2. Donate

This is a full-time job. With your donations, this helps to alleviate the financial stress and help more parts of the bucket lists be accomplished. They have a Patreon account which you can donate to, and not only do you get to help people complete their bucket lists, but there is also exclusive content and prizes, just for you.

3. Join The Bone Marrow Registry

Number four of Chris’ bucket list was to set a world record. On March 31, 2018, they did just that. 3, 715 people joined the bone marrow registry! This registry is extremely close to my heart and school community. In January 2016, our community felt the loss of Andrew Smith, a Butler graduate, who passed away from cancer. After hearing his story, I knew I wanted to help. On January 21, 2017, I joined the bone marrow registry and you can, too. You don’t even have to leave your house. Visit Be the Match and have a registry kit sent to you. All you have to do is swab your checks and send the test back in, simple as that. The hardest facts for me, are knowing that there are not nearly enough people registered and that more often than not, family members are NOT the best candidates. It is the kind heart of a stranger that can be life-saving.

In April of this year, Chris has found a bone marrow match and is currently undergoing treatment. Continue to follow their story through their social media.

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