Recently, in a group I am in, we had a heated debate about which 1D boy is doing the best with his solo career. Obviously, each boy is extremely talented, but I just had to know what the fangirls thought about this. So I asked 36 people to rank the boys' solo music, and drum roll please, here are the results!

1. Harry Styles

Are we really surprised here though? Harry has it all...the nice hair, the style, the voice, the list could go on.

2. Niall Horan 

Niall has been very active with his music since the 1D hiatus so this was also not a surprise.

3. Zayn Malik

Okay so technically Zayn is no longer part of One Direction, but he once was so we still kept him in the voting. And I have to say, he is very talented.

4. Liam Payne

I have to say that Liam's music is hit or miss. Some of his songs are so good and so catchy, but then some of them are just completely different, so I can see how he came in fourth.

5. Louis Tomlinson

Louis hasn't really been into his solo music as much as the others. He's featured in some songs, but his big commitment right now is being a judge on "X-Factor."

No matter what, everyone still loves each of the guys as much as the others. I know this because 80.6% of the voters said they would love to see a 1D reunion. So, if you guys decided to reunite, that'd be cool.