One Direction Please Get Back Together

I Know The JoBros are Back But All I Want Is A 1D Reunion

With the return of The Jonas Brothers I hope Harry, Niall, Liam, and Louis can come back for one more album.

The Jonas Brothers which we all know are Joe, Nick, and Kevin emerged from the shadows with their new single "Sucker." The song discusses love and how each of them found their matching partner. The song itself is catchy and really good with the music video being fun by providing Sophie Turner, Priyanka Chopra-Jonas, and Danielle Jonas in exaggerated costumes. No, I am not a hater, I loved the Jonas Brother back in 2006-08, and fell even more in love with Joe during the "Camp Rock" days, but then One Direction came into the scene and things changed.

I did not watch the X Factor, so I started liking One Direction when they released their first album. My thirteen-year-old self fell hopelessly in love with the British and Irish boys. I immediately was drawn to Harry Styles and adored his curls, green eyes, and those beautiful dimples. I watched every music videos with giggles and drew hearts around Harry. I would make my mom take me to a close Target to buy their album and I would get home and listen to the songs for hours.

I loved their songs like "Little Things," "Fireproof, "Through the Dark," and "Same Mistake." I literally cried when they released "Night Changes" and "Story of My Life." How could anyone love these goofy boys with a heart of gold? My dreams finally came true the summer before my junior year in high school when I saw them in concert.

I left the concert with mascara running down my face because I was in the same space as them. I loved them and I was not alone. Their movie "One Direction: This is Us" gave me the best hour and forty-six minutes of my life. Then the unimaginable happened when Zayn decided to leave the band. HOW COULD HE HAVE DONE THAT TO HIS FANS! So he is definitely left out of the band when they decide to get back together. (let's keep our finger crossed).

Although the Jonas Brothers were great One Direction was PHENOMENAL! Hands down they are the greatest boyband ever! So everyone let us pray, meditate, send our intentions out to the universe so that Niall, Harry, Liam, and Louis give us one more One Direction album.

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