I Ranked One Direction's Music Videos From Worst To Best And It Makes Me Miss Zayn Even More

I Ranked One Direction's Music Videos From Worst To Best And It Makes Me Miss Zayn Even More

As an avid lover of One Direction, it is no surprise that watching their music videos is one of my favorite pastimes.

Music videos can sometimes give a whole new meaning to that catchy song that you find yourself listening to on long car rides, while you get ready, or just to pass the time. As an avid lover of One Direction, it is no surprise that watching their music videos is one of my favorite pastimes. Aside from their catchy songs, the messages and stories that their videos play can be the biggest contribution of what One Direction the beloved boy band they are. The following listed below is my personal ranking their music videos based upon popularity, with an explanation of why they deserve the spot they’re at.

16. “Gotta Be You”

In the early years of the boy band, cheesy lyrics with an “interesting” taste of wardrobe is what made the music videos comical to look back on. As their third music video, the boys take part in singing to a lake solely about a girl that is seen as their “chosen” one. Though I, along with many people think the boys can do no wrong, this may be the worst music video they have created in comparison to the extravagant others they’ve produced. The cringe-worthy video is a guilty pleasure one can listen to but will leave you wondering, just on earth were they thinking when they made this?!

15. “You and I”

Rather than making a proper music video, the boys decided to make a sort of “home video” documenting their time helping families in poverty within Ghana. Through the major UK charity Comic Relief, what they would have spent on creating an elaborate music video, was given away to those in need. You can’t help but love the boys even more for it as you see them playing with kids, giving them basic needs, and teaching them soccer and how to dance. The playful red noses they wear are a pretty big hit too.

14. "One Way Or Another (Teenage Kicks)"

Rather than making a proper music video, the boys decided to make a sort of “home video” documenting their time helping families in poverty within Ghana. Through the major UK charity Comic Relief, what they would have spent on creating an elaborate music video, was given away to those in need. You can’t help but love the boys even more for it as you see them playing with kids, giving them basic needs, and teaching them soccer and how to dance. The playful red noses they wear are a pretty big hit too.

13. “One Thing”

Another one of their more original music videos features the audience is taken on a tour of downtown London. Through a ride on a double-decker bus, through various parks, the boys do a “no longer common” dance formation along with their infamous cringe-worthy choice of clothing. This too speaks volumes of their European background.

12. “What Makes You Beautiful”

Their original hit. The song that got them on the map. The original song that made millions of fans fall in love with them. Although this is their very first song and music video it’s not as awkward to watch as some of their other original hits. Going back to watch this video you almost won’t recognize the boys because they’ve grown so much compared to then. The video that takes place in Malibu features a girl who is seen as Harry’s love interest, to this day everyone is envious of. Since that video, the boys swore they would not feature another girl in their music videos to make sure fans could set their imagination as themselves being with the boys. Check out number four for something relating to this!

11. “Little Things”

In One Direction fashion, a behind the scenes sort of different look that they try to give audiences is a “recording session” of the making of this music video. The song that was written by Ed Sheeran has many poetic lines that fans fawn over and really sticks to them. You can see each word being said by the boys as they take their turns singing their solo parts. In a black and white manner, the video provides a nostalgic vibe with an intimate look into the work they’re putting in.

10. “Drag Me Down”

As one of their newer videos, the boys waited over an entire year to release this video. And when they did, fans went ballistic. The storyline almost makes no sense but is so original and interesting as they filmed the video in Nasa. The ending shows the boys taking off together into outer space but throughout the duration of the video they are practicing, preparing, and doing random tasks to get to take off. This was the first music video without Zayn that provided a different dynamic to see them in action performing.

9. “Live While We’re Young”

In the middle stage of the One Direction era, this music video could have posed as a Ray-Ban ad. The bright colored clothes, the poppy tune and the fun dynamic of a pool party and camping show the boys fun personality. The hit tune was a top charting song, and it was the first video that really started to show the boys’ personalities take off. Their goofy sense of humor mimicked synchronized dancing in an unethical boy band way and was the perfect video to watch as a summer kick off.

8. “Kiss You”

Although One Direction typically does their own thing by wearing different clothes and not doing anything synchronized, they humored the reenactments of former boy bands and pop artists such as the Beatles, the Monkees, and Elvis. What you see is the making of a music video within a music video as they use various props, green screens, and famous outfits to create a unified look. Ski outfits, surfing scenes, jailbird setting, navy costumes, and more, the boys play around with one another and play dress up before our eyes. The song is pretty great too and goes quite well with this video. Not something that always happens with the boys.

7. “Midnight Memories”

Two years after the release of “One Thing,” the boys took us back to London for a grungier look at what they really like to do in their past time. Rather than riding double-decker buses during the day, they indulge in kebabs at night, taking over the restaurant, stealing a police boat, climbing the tower bridge, and causing havoc on mobile scooters while flirting with the elderly. Sounds weird right? Watch the video and you’ll realize these “bad boys” aren’t as bad as they seem. They show that they’ve grown up since their “One Thing” days and are now giving their fans all sorts of memories. At midnight that is.

6. “Story of My Life”

Possibly one of their more emotional pieces, the boys included their backbones in this video to show fans where they come from and what makes them who they are: their family. The video indicates that it is their loved ones who created their story and what their lives are and they happily share it with us and we get to see before and after images. Each of them shares photos from their youth and recreate it in the modern day. What seems to be the most emotional part is that not all of their loved ones are still around.

Louis has sets of grandparents who have shaped his life and were there when he was young. In modern day they slowly fade away leaving viewers speechless as it is obvious they are no longer here. When this song came out if you weren’t already a fan of them you certainly were now. Their fame had hit an all-time high and they were making covers of magazines, headlining news, and starting to promote their 3-D film, “This Is Us.”

5. “Steal My Girl”

The first music video and single to break out from their album “Four,” was none other than “Steal My Girl.” The video showed the creative streak each of the boys had a different setting in the desert. And the most random actor to play their “director” … Danny Devito! Who doesn’t love the guy? While there is no pattern as to what the storyline is about and what connects all of these scenarios, it somehow works and makes the fans love this chaos. Zayn is wrestling off two sumo wrestlers, Niall is dancing with an African tribe, Liam is dancing on a cage with a marching band, Louis is hanging out with a chimpanzee, and Harry, well he comes from out of the sky to walk alongside ballerinas. And the outcome for the approval of Danny Devito is that the music video is just “alright.”

4. “Night Changes”

So remember what I said earlier about the boys not wanting to have girls in their music video? The purpose was to allow the fans to imagine themselves as their girl without a set image and envy. Well, “Night Changes” provides just that as the camera is in the perspective of the fan and she goes onto five different dates with each boy. Each one completely different from the other. At first, you get to go to a candlelit, Italian dinner with Zayn. Next, you go to the carnival with Liam and he wins you a stuffed animal while playing an arcade game. Harry takes you ice skating where he tries to impress you with his tricks. Louis takes you on a romantic date through the park followed by a ride in his classic car. And lastly, Niall plays scrabble with you by the fireside for a romantic cabin stay. But, in true One Direction fashion, done you must expect the unexpected, and all of these dates go downhill. Your ex-boyfriend shows up at your dinner with Zayn where he dumps food on him. Liam gets motion sickness from the rides and throws up. Harry tries to do a trick with you and you sprain your ankle, he gets a concussion and breaks his elbow as he’s sitting in the back of an ambulance. Louis gets arrested for speeding and arguing with the police officer, and Niall catches his sweater on fire. Your date may not be perfect, but it sure is eventful.

3. “Perfect”

When “Perfect” came around, it was the perfect dose of the grown-up band we needed. By now the completely changed their image in comparison to when they started. By then they were fully writing their own songs, putting their own heart and soul into this song. It was a much different feel than their normal pop tunes, and as a mixture of upbeat meets slow ballad, we saw the boys roam through a hotel creating havoc. And the best part, we get to see Harry, sprawled out, on a bed, by himself. Let your imagination run wild gals.

2. “History”

Their most recent and what some people may say is their final music video is none other than their final single to be released from their album “Made in the A.M.” The music video is pretty self-explanatory as it takes us on the journey of when they started as single auditioning acts on “The X Factor,” to the formation of the band, throughout all their videos, award shows, guest appearances, and concert footage. Before your eyes you watch the boys grow up and see a comparison of then and now. You can’t help but feel proud of how far they’ve come, the success they’ve earned, and the changes that have been made. An emotional piece to say the least.

1. “Best Song Ever”

And last, but certainly not least, “Best Song Ever.” By taking “Kiss You” to the extreme, the boys play out the storyline and disguise themselves as different characters. They are a committee that is going to make what will be the “best” music video that involves everything One Direction is against. Synchronized dancing, matching outfits, and being told by their management what to do and how to do things. The boys take a stand and tell these producers exactly what they want to be done and how they are going to do things on their own terms. While they poke fun at former bands such as Nsync, Backstreet Boys, The Village People, 98 Degrees, and INXS, they prove that One Direction is a different kind of boy band and they’re going to play by their own rules. The song was also the soundtrack anthem for their 3-D movie “This is Us” that also gave the boys more popularity and let fans get to know them on a more personal level outside of just what interviews and media lets us see.

So there you have it. My personal ranking of their videos from worst to best. While some people may beg to differ at this ranking, there are many common factors that we can all agree on. Having your own marathon of these videos may be in store for your future, but really take into consideration the creativity and originality these guys bring us. If not that just enjoy their catchy tunes and fun lyrics!

Cover Image Credit: One Direction | YouTube

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From One Nerd To Another

My contemplation of the complexities between different forms of art.


Aside from reading Guy Harrison's guide to eliminating scientific ignorance called, "At Least Know This: Essential Science to Enhance Your Life" and, "The Breakthrough: Immunotherapy and the Race to Cure Cancer" by Charles Graeber, an informative and emotional historical account explaining the potential use of our own immune systems to cure cancer, I read articles and worked on my own writing in order to keep learning while enjoying my winter break back in December. I also took a trip to the Guggenheim Museum.

I wish I was artistic. Generally, I walk through museums in awe of what artists can do. The colors and dainty details simultaneously inspire me and remind me of what little talent I posses holding a paintbrush. Walking through the Guggenheim was no exception. Most of the pieces are done by Hilma af Klint, a 20th-century Swedish artist expressing her beliefs and curiosity about the universe through her abstract painting. I was mostly at the exhibit to appease my mom (a K - 8th-grade art teacher), but as we continued to look at each piece and read their descriptions, I slowly began to appreciate them and their underlying meanings.

I like writing that integrates symbols, double meanings, and metaphors into its message because I think that the best works of art are the ones that have to be sought after. If the writer simply tells you exactly what they were thinking and how their words should be interpreted, there's no room for imagination. An unpopular opinion in high school was that reading "The Scarlet Letter" by Nathaniel Hawthorne was fun. Well, I thought it was. At the beginning of the book, there's a scene where Hawthorne describes a wild rosebush that sits just outside of the community prison. As you read, you are free to decide whether it's an image of morality, the last taste of freedom and natural beauty for criminals walking toward their doom, or a symbol of the relationship between the Puritans with their prison-like expectations and Hester, the main character, who blossoms into herself throughout the novel. Whichever one you think it is doesn't matter, the point is that the rosebush can symbolize whatever you want it to. It's the same with paintings - they can be interpreted however you want them to be.

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