If you live in Oklahoma, the only shoreline you have access to is on a lake, pond, or river. And if you live in Oklahoma, you know that a lot of people can't afford to go on a vacation in their lives.

I know that having money or not is a huge factor in being able to go to the beach or not, but if you ever have the chance, you really need to take it.


Going to the beach isn't just for the awesome tan (or terrible burn), tourist activities like deep sea fishing, parasailing, and more, but it also is a good reminder of how small we truly are.

When you are walking down the beach, looking out to the ocean, it's so vast. So huge. It really makes you think, "what more is out there?" Thinking about how big the world truly is can make you, and your problems seem so small.

There are songs about it, even by Oklahomans. "So Small" by Carrie Underwood, "Is There Life Out There" by Reba McEntire and more.


When I say you're really missing out by not going to the beach, you really are. You aren't missing out because of the experiences lost, but because you would be missing out on the humbling experience.

Sure, going to eat at all of the seafood restaurants is nice, parasailing is fun, tourist stores are awesome, but what is so valuable is the realization that you and your problems are so small.

The world is so big and each person has their own story, their own life, their own joys, their own problems. Yours are important, but when you realize how many other problems are in the world, yours may not seem as bad.

When you have the chance to get out of our landlocked state--Oklahoma, even if it's just for a few days, you should. Don't deprive yourself of this humbling experience.