"The Office" has a wide variety of characters, all known for their unique quirks. Similarly, Oklahoma has a wide range of universities and colleges to choose from. So what better way to explain the schools than by matching them with the people of Dunder Mifflin? The following are some of Oklahoma's schools if they were characters from the beloved sitcom:

Northern Oklahoma College: Michael Scott

Much like NOC students know that the letters of their school really stand for "no other choice," Dunder Mifflin employees had no other choice other than to work under the outrageous (and hilarious) Michael Scott.

University of Central Oklahoma: Dwight Schrute

UCO is a major university, but it can never seem to get its name out there like OSU, OU or TU. Dwight would definitely relate since he is assistant (to the) regional manager but not the manager.

Oklahoma State University: Jim Halpert

What better of a school for Jim than OSU? Like OSU, Jim is known for his friendly nature. OSU may not be the most "prestigious" school out there, but the students there are hard-working -- which is something Jim can relate to (it takes a lot of hard work to pull elaborate pranks!).

Oklahoma City University: Pam Beesly

With OKCU being known for its impressive visual arts school, Pam Beesly would definitely fit right in!

Oral Roberts University: Angela Martin

Oral Roberts is known to be a pretty conservative university. Much like Angela, it can be rather strict in enforcing certain standards.

University of Oklahoma: Oscar Martinez

Called "snooty" by some, Oscar is actually a pretty nice guy. Much like OU, he has his moments but usually means well.

University of Tulsa: Andy Bernard

Much like how Andy frequently reminds the office that he attended Cornell University, TU students never fail to remind people of how prestigious TU is.

Rogers State University: Erin Hannon

RSU is known for its nursing program, and that's definitely where Erin would be! With a hard-working and caring nature, Erin would be fit right in at the friendly town of Claremore.

Cameron Univerity: Creed Bratton

Cameron University? Creed Bratton? Many of us don't know much about them, but that's what makes them intriguing!

Oklahoma Baptist University: Phyllis Vance

Much like OBU, Phyllis can be a little under-the-radar. But also like OBU students, Phyllis is content being her caring self.

Tulsa Community College: Toby Flenderson

THE WORST. #nuffsaid