It sucks.

Trust me, I know. But instead of looking at the happy, loving couples around you, why not try looking in the mirror for a healthy partner.

I know everyone always says that "the perfect guy is out there for you," or "you just have to wait," etc. But these phrases tend to put thoughts into our single minds that our happiness derives from someone else, which is complete crap.

People don't realize this, but being single is a good thing, no matter how long you have been single. (Don't feel bad, I've been single for a long time.)

And while most of the time I'm sitting around looking at all my friends who are in relationships, wishing to be like them, wishing to be happy, I've realized that I have what I've always been looking for inside myself. I am the creator of my own happiness and not anyone else. Yeah, I'll admit it does get lonely from time to time, but I learned to often fill that lonely void with doing things that matter to me and make me happy. Whether that be writing, dancing, going out, or learning something new.

People also don't realize that this is the chance to go out and explore the world and your own personal boundaries. When you're single, you don't have any limits holding you back like a partner would (and if they are holding you back, then perhaps you shouldn't be in a relationship with them.)

You can travel to new places and get out of your comfort zone and just simply do things because you want to do them. I know doing fun things with a boyfriend and girlfriend seems ideal and perfect, but creating memories for yourself and by yourself is one of the most empowering things you can do.

You can date around at this time and find out what you really want in a partner. Or you can make time for yourself and seize the day!

The truth is that no one knows where we are going to be ten years into the future. I know we all have hopes of where we'd like to be and who with, but thoughts don't make reality. The person you see yourself with could change. You won't be single forever. People find love a lot later in life. I know people in their thirties who have just married for the first times in their life.

We live under this law in society that if we don't find love young, then we might as well give up because we won't find it period. But that is a notion that you don't have to succumb to.

Love is journey taken by two people. But do you honestly think that those two people were together at the beginning of their journey? No, this journey starts off with you finding the core happiness inside you through your own ups and downs and woes of life. And then your destination will become visible.