3 Underrated Off-Broadway Musicals
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3 Off-Broadway Musicals That Should Have Made It To Broadway

Amazing musicals that deserve more recognition.

3 Off-Broadway Musicals That Should Have Made It To Broadway

There's no shortage of interesting musicals that can be found on Broadway nowadays.

However, there are a few that never made it that far. Off-Broadway musicals don't go to Broadway for a number of reasons. Sometimes they just don't do well enough or they were never intended to go to Broadway.

Here are some that I think deserved to make it all the way to Broadway that never got the chance.

1. "The Hunchback of Notre Dame"

I recently discovered the cast recording of this musical and it was honestly one of the best musicals I have listened to in the past few years.

With writers like Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz, you really can't go wrong. The musical features some of the classics from the original Disney film (like "God Help the Outcasts" and "Out There") while also adding new and amazingly gut-wrenching songs (like "Made of Stone," "Someday," and "Esmerelda").

My favorite part about this version is that there is a choir in addition to the orchestra, making songs like "Hellfire" even more beautiful and haunting.

The writing gives me absolute chills and on more than one occasion, I have been driving in my car listening to the album and some lines were so well written that I've screamed profanities (I'm sure the people in the cars next to me thought I was crazy, but worth it).

All in all, this musical, while dark, is 1000% worth a listen.

2. "The Last Five Years"

The concept of this musical is unlike any other, which is why I'm so surprised it never made it to Broadway.

"The Last Five Years" tells the love story of Jamie and Cathy. While Jamie tells the story in chronological order - from the beginning of the relationship to their divorce - Cathy tells it in reverse chronological order, starting with the breakup.

They meet in the middle (which is their wedding) for a duet, but for the most part, the two actors tell the story on their own.

It's a fascinating concept executed beautifully. There was even a movie made starring Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan a few years ago.

3. "Heathers: The Musical"

Based on the 80s cult classic film, "Heathers" is basically "Mean Girls" with murder.

The Off-Broadway version is one of the most popular musicals out there, especially with young people.

With show-stopping songs like "Candy Store," "Seventeen," and "Dead Girl Walking" and powerhouse vocals, this show is incredibly entertaining. (But it's definitely not PG or even PG-13 for that matter.)

The show is so popular that it actually made it the UK's West End last year and had a really good run there, so I'm sure that if it were to go to Broadway in the US it would do just as well.

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