Odyssey Template: Interview A Local Business Owner Or Employee In Your Hometown
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Odyssey Template: Interview A Local Business Owner Or Employee In Your Hometown

It's been a tough year for businesses everywhere.

Odyssey Template: Interview A Local Business Owner Or Employee In Your Hometown

If you own or work in a local restaurant or business, chances are 2020 has been one of — if not the — hardest year of your life.

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted just about every type of business, and those ramifications will continue to be present until further notice.

In this Odyssey template, you will be interviewing an owner or employee of a local business in your hometown (or where you live, etc). The goal of the interview is to give this business a platform to express how their business has been impacted, changes it has made to combat those obstacles, and how customers both far (online) and near (local residents) can support the business in real time.

How To:

Follow these steps:

  1. COPY the text in between the begin and end template sections below
  2. PASTE it into a new post in Odyssey's CORE
  3. Fill it all in and add photos
  4. Submit under Community: Lifestyle for a chance to be featured on Odyssey's Facebook and Instagram
  5. Don't have an account? CREATE ONE.


Headline format:

I Talked To The Owner/An Employee Of [Restaurant or Store] In [City, State], And [Biggest Takeaway of Interview]


I Talked To The Owner Of Pat's Pizzeria In Waterloo, New York, And Delivery Service Is Everything In 2020


Begin your article with 3-5 sentences introducing your interview subject, how you know them, and why you were excited to get to ask them some questions.

1. How has coronavirus impacted your business thus far?

[insert their answer here]

2. What has your business done to adjust?

[insert their answer here]

3. What has been one positive for the business in 2020?

[insert their answer here]

4. What has been the hardest part of navigating this landscape?

[insert their answer here]

5. What do you want potential customers to know about your services at the moment?

[insert their answer here]

6. How can potential customers who are not local or able to come out in person right now able to support your business right now?

[insert their answer here]

7. What do you miss most about your customers you haven't been able to see like you used to?

[insert their answer here]

8. What are you looking forward to most about the second half of the year?

[insert their answer here]

9. In an ideal world where everything opens back up to full capacity, what is the first business besides your own that you plan to visit?

[insert their answer here]

10. [Insert any other questions you would like to ask]

[insert their answer here]


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