On March 12th, 2019, my life, along with millions of others were changed forever. On this fateful day, the New York Football Giants decided to trade, a generational talent at wide receiver, Odell Beckham Jr. to the Cleveland Browns. For the first time in my lifetime, and probably yours, the Cleveland Browns have gone from being the punchline for every joke across America to actually being a contender not for the playoffs, but actually a Super Bowl. If you have unfortunately been a Browns fan for the last 20-25 years, then this is what you need to have happened, so that you can reserve your tickets to Super Bowl LIV in Miami Gardens, FL.

Last year the Browns shockingly took polarizing quarterback Baker Mayfield with the first overall selection in the NFL Draft, and well they were one win away from having a chance to be in the playoffs. With that being said many players have experienced the phenomenon known as "Sophomore Slump." For the Dawg Pound, they are going to need Mayfield to play at the Heisman caliber that he did last year, as well as in college. If Mayfield can keep NFL defenses scratching their heads, then you can start to look online to see if you can find the best deals for Super Bowl tickets.

You just got one of the best wide receivers in this decade, don't waste his talents as the Giants did.

Defenses are now going to have to adjust the way they play against the Browns now because they have not one, but two of the top 10 wide receivers in the NFL, with Jarvis Landry and the aforementioned Odell Beckham Jr. In case you didn't know Landry, and Beckham were teammates and best friends in college when they played together at Louisiana State University, you don't think the chemistry is going to pay off in the long run for the Browns. If the Browns don't waste the talents of OBJ and can use his abilities to their advantage, then you should really start looking for hotels in the Miami area.

The last thing you need in order to be ready to go to Miami is you need to make sure the defense can stay elite all season long.

If the Cleveland Browns are lacking one thing it is a linebacker that can man the middle of the field, with Clay Matthews being shipped off to LA, the Browns need to start looking towards the draft to find a good linebacker to bolster their defense. While studs like Nick Bosa and Josh Allen will probably be gone by the 5th pick, many experts have the Browns looking for LSU linebacker Devin White. White who can hit like Ray Lewis, and has the speed of Julio Jones, can be one of the elite linebackers for years to come in the NFL. If the Browns can draft him, and possibly get an experienced veteran to be calming voice in the locker room, then you should buy the tickets, book the hotel, and get your flight ready for Miami.