Oh, Target, how I love you.

If I had to spend my entire existence in a single store, I would pick you. Hands down, no question. Always. Your aisles contain anything I could ever need. For example, say I am on the hunt for a new lamp for my room, it is almost guaranteed that along the way I will pick up a few snacks, a comfy tank, a cute pair of shoes, and a shiny new phone case.

However, the appeal of Target doesn't just stop with the variety of items. It feels like home.

I can't enter the store without at least a dozen memories rushing to me. From the time I sat in the cart, to when I pretended it was a skateboard and rode down the aisles (ignoring my mother screaming at me) to the hours upon hours upon hours we spend college shopping before my freshman year to ensure my dorm was as close to perfection as possible.

So now, when a friend asks me "want to go to Target?" I can't help but say yes. Because it's more than a store: it's representative of the beauty of the small things in life. The fact that something as minimal as a chain store can hold such sentimental meaning in one's life

And, the fact that I can stock up my refrigerator and closet all in one isn't too bad either...