Valentine's Day is just another day. However, it is also a day that boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives, and boo things feel obligated to get their 'person' a gift, take them on a date, or both.

But why do it on a day that your person is expecting it? Here are 8 other days/occasions to surprise your boo instead of (or in addition to) Valentine's Day.

1. His or her birthday

This sounds like a no brainier, but in reality if you had to choose, would you rather make them feel special on their birthday or on Valentine's Day?

2. Their favorite holiday 

Of course our December holidays we are already buying gifts for everyone near and dear to our hearts, so this kind of excludes those holidays. However, if he or she has a favorite holiday like 4th of July or Halloween, why not spread some extra joy with a gift or a cute date on their favorite holiday?

3. First day at their new job

If your significant other made a huge accomplishment, like acquiring a new job or position, you should surprise them to a nice dinner or something. Celebrate big moments like this with them, it'll surely make them feel like their hard work is being noticed, not only by their boss but by you too!

4. If they've had a rough day

"Cause you've had a bad day, you're taking one down..."

If they've seemed to of had a bad day recently, maybe all they need is some love and appreciation. Surprise them, run them a bath, buy a bottle of wine, and just remind them of how much you appreciate them.

5. Another no brainer, your anniversary

What is a better day to set up a banging date at his or her favorite restaurant than your anniversary? This day is surely more significant to you two than Valentine's Day.

6. If you two are in college, after finals week

This gif explains exactly how we all feel after finals week. If you and your significant other are in college, what a better way to unwind from the end of the semester stress than a surprise date or gift? I bet they won't even expect it!

7. We talked about bad days, what about good days?

If your 'person' is having a really good day, it'd be pretty cool to make it better, because why not? We talked about how gifts and dates can make a bad day better. It'd be pretty awesome of you to escalate a good day. So, if your significant other is bragging about how amazing their day at work is going during their lunch break, or how they got their grade back on an exam and they aced it, go ahead and plan something special, I bet they won't even be expecting it.

8. Any other random day that is not Valentine's Day

The point is your 'person' will probably be expecting a gift or a date on Valentine's Day, it is no surprise to receive flowers or chocolates on February 14th. Let's start raising the bar and surprise our significant other on the days they will probably lease suspect it.