5 Places In NYC Everybody With A Sweet Tooth Should Know
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5 Places In NYC Everybody With A Sweet Tooth Should Keep On Emergency Speed Dial

If you're like me and enjoy desserts, this article is for you!

a cake topped with ice cream and bluberries with someone pouring an orange sauce over it

Before the COVID-19 pandemic dramatically changed most of our lifestyles, I had the opportunity to eat delicious desserts at the following places. In no particular order, these places stood out to me for various reasons.

Keep in mind that eating treats with excessive amounts of processed sugar is a problem, but everything in moderation is fine. I also apologize if some of the photos are blurry; I was in a rush to eat. But you know what they say, phone eats first! :)

1. Insomnia Cookies


Picture this: It's New Year's Eve, and you just finished eating an exquisite meal at your favorite Italian restaurant in Manhattan. You can barely walk from all the food you ate, but there's always room for dessert, of course.

On the way back to your hotel, you pass an Insomnia Cookies location, and the aroma guides you inside. Even though it was cold and rainy that night, I became tempted to purchase an ice cream sandwich to satisfy my sugar craving.

I have absolutely no regrets, and I can't wait to try more of their cookies.

Location: 237 E 53rd St, New York, NY 10022

2. Milk Bar


OK, please hear me out! I understand that some may believe that Milk Bar is overpriced and overrated. However, disregard all of their cakes and cookies and give its Milk Bar® Pie (formerly known as Crack Pie) a chance!

Their website describes it as a "sticky, buttery, salty-sweet filling in a hearty oat cookie crust." One of my favorite teachers in high school generously bought me a slice, and I fell in love with it ever since.

Although I will admit that it is a little pricey, try it at least once, and you won't be disappointed. The Milk Bar® Pie is undoubtedly for those who have a sweet tooth.

Location: 225 W 57th St, New York, NY 10019

3. Bibble & Sip


Calling all cream puff and tea lovers, you will love this place. I tried the Hazelnut and Earl Grey Vanilla Cream Puffs and the Iced Passion Fruit Jasmine Tea, and it exceeded my expectations.

Walking into Bibble & Sip and getting a sense of the ambiance instantly boosted my serotonin levels. The staff remained upbeat and greeted you with a smile despite the influx of customers, and the wide selection of pastries and drinks brought a smile to my face.

You can tell the staff goes above and beyond to provide a pleasurable experience, and I admire them for that.

Location: 253 W 51st St, New York, NY 10019

4. Grace Street Coffee & Desserts


After a long day of shopping, going to museums and libraries, and exploring New York City, my friends and I knew we had to get dessert at Grace Street. We had just finished eating at a Korean restaurant for dinner that wasn't impressive, so we needed something to make up for it.

Grace Street was the perfect place to go. We shared a custom made Shaved Snow with sweetened and condensed milk, strawberries, and strawberry drizzle, and the Matcha Beignets. The first bites blew me away, and I was no longer upset about the terrible dinner I had before.

Location: 17 W 32nd St, New York, NY 10001

5. Soma Cakes


If you ever need to purchase a cake or cupcakes for a celebration or even if you're just in the mood, Soma Cakes is the place to go.

I'm sure that many of you can relate to unusually spending your birthday or graduation this year due to the pandemic. While it was a bummer to celebrate at home, Soma Cakes significantly lifted my spirits.

Their red velvet cupcakes were such a hit among my family and me that we got a cake for my graduation. Their red velvet selections tasted very light and didn't give me a headache after eating them, unlike other places that use too much sugar.

Location: 380 E 10th St, New York, NY 10009

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