7 Things I Love About New York City
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7 Ways New York City Makes Me Smile, Which Is Something New Yorkers Need To Do More

I have lost my wallet three times in this city, and all three times it was returned to me. Who says New Yorkers can't be trusted?

7 Ways New York City Makes Me Smile, Which Is Something New Yorkers Need To Do More
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Visiting a new city is fun, exciting, and everything seems new. Going to a city that isn't home, but still feels like it, is a whole different experience. You'll start missing things you didn't even notice at first. You'll fall in love with a city that has finally become a part of you. Here are seven ways the city makes me smile.

1. New York City squirrels are permanent residents - don't think you can evict them.


To put it plainly, squirrels literally don't care about you at all. Want to sit on a bench that they are currently eating on? Sucks for you - they're not moving.

2. You can trust this city.

I have lost my wallet three times in this city, and all three times it was returned to me. Nothing was moved and nothing was taken out of it, either! The safety and comfort I feel when wandering the rows of shops at night always surprises me and makes me smile.

3. The talent.

Some people sing on the side of the road to get career exposure. I've seen a homeless man seamlessly play Stairway To Heaven to make some spare change. The bands in the cafe deserve their own concert, too. It's amazing!

4. The innovation.

NYC is known as the example state. They were among the first to decriminalize weed, and I believe they will be leaders in the sustainability movement. Plus, my girl AOC calls this city home.

5. The bagels.

Photo by @thebagelstore on Instagram

Manhattan bagels - enough said. Try one if you haven't yet!

6. The Pride parades.


One of my favorite memories in the city was witnessing the Pride parade. I've never seen so much love and support on one block!

7. The memories.

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Growing up, we didn't have much money at all. Living a quick drive from the city filled our penniless days with endless joy. We didn't buy anything, we just walked around and enjoyed each others' company. Thank you, NYC.

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