11 Fun And Cheap Exhibits In NYC
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11 Fun And Cheap NYC Exhibits Under $50 For Students

Having fun in NYC doesn't always have to be expensive.

11 Fun And Cheap NYC Exhibits Under $50 For Students

January and February can be some of the most boring months of the year because you feel like you're always cold and stuck inside. These exhibits are super engaging and won't cost you an arm and a leg, so rally your friends and get going!

The Museum of Illusions

Student Price: $17

Adult Price: $19

There are a few exhibits on display here currently, each of which (you guessed it) creates an optical illusion. Great to snag some Instagram pics, but also to amaze all ages.

Whitney Museum of American Art

Student Price: $18

Adult Price: $25

The Whitney is currently running an Andy Warhol exhibit filled with a variety of his works. The exhibit takes you through a journey of the artists' life and artistic experimentation.

American Museum of Natural History

Student Price: $18

Adult Price: $23

The butterfly conservatory is an annual exhibit that allows visitors to hang out with hundreds of butterflies in a luscious indoor garden. The indoor greenhouse experience gives you a little taste of Spring, even in the dead of Winter.

Mickey: The True Original Exhibition

Price: $ 38

This exhibit is a little on the pricer side, but if you love Mickey it's totally worth it! Learn about 90 years of Mickey Mouse and his influence on pop culture.

Jewelry: The Body Transformed

Price: If you're from NY, NJ, CT you decide what you pay! Even for exhibitions!

This embellished MET exhibit tells the story of how jewelry transforms a person in more ways than just their fashion sense. Learn the meaning behind ancient jewelry and learn to appreciate yours even more.

MOMA: Disappearing Acts

Student Price: $ 14

Adult Price: $ 25

Nauman uses this exhibit to convey the experience of being alive. Discover life through Nauman's eyes in a variety of art forms and experiences.

Color Factory

Price: $ 38

The Color Factory is an immersive adventure that invites the user to play. Learn to connect color to your everyday life around NYC.

The Jim Henson Experience

Student Price: $ 15

Adult Price: $ 11

Want to relive your childhood? This muppet experience is perfect for you! Explore Jim Henson's impact on film, television and your childhood.

The Winky Lux Experience

Price: $ 10

I love Winky Lux's makeup. Their highlighters are to die for (sadly I shattered my favorite). Their pop-up experience is full of adorable Instagram photo ops that are bound to get you excited. The best part is the cost of your ticket can be used for any in-store purchase after!

A City for Corduroy

Student Price: $ 12

Adult Price: $ 18

A City for Corduroy tells the story of Don Freeman, the author of the children's classic Corduroy. His illustrations include everything from his famous character to portraits of New Yorkers, showcasing his lesser known career as an artist.


Price: $ Free

If you've ever been to a Glossier you know that their whole NYC store is essentially a pop-up experience. The Instagram picture will cost you nothing, but a trip to a makeup store is dangerous.

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