New York Fashion Week is a classic week in the big apple. So many creative minds with such bold and interesting fashion taste attend the lovely shows. I have always loved to see the looks that the people wear to watch the shows and this year the winter trends were sported beautifully.

The trend of colors and fun accessories were seen in the streets of NYFW. People sported many different syles of berets, sleek and small sunglasses or big and chunky ones, colorful coats in every material and texture, bold statement jewelry was worn, as well as purses that matched the colorful outfits or had their own look.

New York is not the warmest during this time of fashion and ongoers had fun with their outerwear and their ensembles underneath were no bore with neon prints, python suits, or plaid pants with a chunky boot everyone dressed the part.

I love how fashion is so expressive and emotional and during NYFW all those attending come together and each has their own look. New York Fashion Week isn't just about the designers but it is an outlet of creativity and expression and love for fashion and during this week and the next upcoming weeks there is a true appreciation for this outlet that I truly admire and hope to one day be apart of.