Christmas is right around the corner, which means you are most likely scrambling to try to find gifts for the important people in your life. Some people can be really difficult to shop for. For example, my wishlist consists of scrubs and textbooks. Let's just say people get quite mad at me when that's my answer to their question.

So what do you get the nursing student in your life?

If you are a little worried about getting the perfect gift for them, worry no more! I've got you covered.

1. A new set of scrubs

Our scrubs go through a lot. Body fluids get on them, they get bleached, they get soaked in hot water for hours, they get ironed, they get pulled at and stretched and cut. We are always in need of a new set. And even if the ones we have now are okay, it never hurts to get another pair.

2. Under-scrub wear

TiScrubs on Instagram: “What's better than scrubs? Free scrubs! 😂 We teamed up with @mariasundae to giveaway a set of scrubs to a lucky winner. Go check out her…”

The floor usually gets pretty cold! Having a thin compression long sleeve under our scrub tops makes all the difference. Make sure you ask your student beforehand what their school's policy is, however.

3. A new badge reel

They make badge reels for just about every holiday. Etsy is the best place to find reels that are cute and of good quality. Just remember to try to stay with plastic covered ones, that way they are easier to clean and less likely to carry around bacteria.

4. Compression socks

We are on our feet for hours, especially if you have a nursing assistant job. Compression socks reduce foot pain and allow for better circulation. They prevent clots and help us stay on our feet longer and provide better care. And they make some really cute ones!

5. Starbucks


We live off of caffeine. There's actually 2 Starbucks branches in the hospital that my clinical is in. I almost always grab a coffee after my clinical is over for an afternoon pick-me-up before classes. Gift cards that we can load onto our member app are a God-sent.

6. Spa day supplies

We are some of the most stressed people on the planet. Hook us up with bath bombs, body scrubs, face masks, bubble baths, anything you can think of to help us relax after a long week.

7. Deep tissue massage


A standard day for use includes being on our feet for hours, lifting and transferring patients, and running around like mad-men trying to complete everything we need to do. 90% of the time, our backs are killing us. We would all love a nice massage.

8. Ultra-moisturizing scent-free lotion

Our hands go through hell every day. We have to foam in and out of rooms, wash our hands whenever they're visibly soiled or when protocol calls for, and we're constantly taking gloves on and off. It's normal for my hands after a shift to be cracked and painful. Scent-free and super moisturizing hand creams and lotions are a nurse's best friend. Mary Kay's Satin Hands is my personal favorite.

9. Coffee


I'm practically married to my Keurig. It's an amazing investment for anyone who relies on coffee or tea to get them through the day. A good coffee machine is a lifesaver. Add a bulk pack of K-Cups in the mix and you just set your student up for months.

10.  Meal prepping supplies

Meal prepping is the only way that you can guarantee a nursing student that they will get good meals in during the week. Sunday nights are dedicated to me cooking for the week, both lunches and dinners. Then, for the rest of the week, all I have to do is throw my container in the microwave and eat up. You can find large packs of meal prep containers on Amazon and find them in stores such as Walmart as well.

11.  Amazon or Visa gift cards 

We are broke. Things happen. Random expenses pop up. Amazon and Visa gift cards help us offset some of the costs and can even help pay for textbooks and course supplies.

12.  NCLEX review materials

Whether it be a book, a board game, flashcard sets, or money for the app, NCLEX review materials are almost priceless to us. You are investing in your student nurse's future by helping them prepare for their boards.

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