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The Bachelor is a hit TV show on the ABC network, loved by millions of Americans. Among these millions of Americans, a good portion of them are college age girls. Meaning, that college is a hotbed for Bachelor talk, especially now, as the season ends and the multiple episode finale airs.

But amongst all of this Bachelor talk, are those of us who haven't watched this season, or the show at all. As someone who is familiar with the Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise, I know how exciting the show can be. However, the show is incredibly time-consuming, hence why I thought it smart to abstain from watching the show while at school. Keyword(s), I thought.

You don't realize how many people watch the Bachelor until everyone around you is talking about. And like I said before, it's particularly bad right now, as it's the end of the season. It's also all over social media, with everyone sharing their opinions, and memes, of the show. Even the news updates on my phone share articles written about the Bachelor.

So, while you may save yourself some time on Monday nights, while you're busy not watching the Bachelor, you also have no idea what your friends are talking about when discussing the big fight between "Hannah G." and "Rachel M.". And attempting to have your friends explain what they're talking about? Well, that would probably take more time and effort than just watching the show. Overall this season seems to have attracted a lot of attention because Colton is the Bachelor, and one who seems to be very polarizing; people either love him or hate him. And now, as the finale episodes air, Colton is captured doing so pretty weird stuff (which I have since read about in articles online...). These elements make for well-watched, highly talked about TV that feels hard to escape from.

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