1) You hate the happy morning people and usually reply to the cheery “good morning” with angry mumbles.

2) People keep telling you to smile (like it’s not 8 a.m. and functioning at maximum capacity is easy to accomplish this early).

3) You have dark curtains to block the sun.

4) When people open the blinds while you’re still asleep you hiss and hide in a vampire-like fashion.

5) When people call you before you’ve woken up:

*phone rings*


*goes back to sleep*

6) Coffee becomes your best friend.

7) When trying to think in the mornings you find your brain failing on you.

8) You do your best work at night.

9) You prefer sunsets over sunrises.

10) When your boss asks you to come in early and you lie just to get extra sleep.

11) You’re a professional at getting ready in a short amount of time due to the numerous times you hit snooze on a daily basis.

12) If you’re not a “snoozer” you’re a multiple alarm setter.

13) You look angry in the mornings, even if you’re not.

14) The idea of getting up any earlier than usual stresses you out.

15) On days you get to sleep in you really sleep in.

16) You find yourself eating breakfast foods the most during p.m. hours.

17) If you have the option to sleep in you always, always, take it.

18) You bail on people most often when you make plans to do things in the morning.

19) You realize a large chunk of your day is gone when you sleep late (but you somehow still don’t care).

20) You get 10x more pissed off in the mornings than at any other time of day.