Vines That Actually Aren't Funny

'Hurricane Tortilla' And 14 Other Vines That Actually Aren't Funny

R.I.P. Vine and R.I.P. to these sad attempts of being "funny."


I love Vine and I truly miss it. The fact that a few gems and comedic geniuses could create funny videos as short as seven seconds long was my kind of entertainment. We have seen the YouTube compilations and I don't know about you, but sometimes I wonder how some of these viral Vines are considered "funny." I tend to think I find most things funny and I can be easily entertained, but the following Vines annoy me rather than make me laugh. Here are some popular Vines that aren't actually that funny when you think about it. In fact, I'd even go as far to say they are insultingly not funny. Better luck next time to whoever created these vines.

1. Dabbing Squidward

Dabbing is so last year and so overdone. Stick to what you know Squidward, which is being a cashier.

2. You're Not My Dad

1. I can't believe this kid is allowed to say those words at this age. 2. I don't get what makes this funny? Is the camera guy really his dad and it's that ironic type of funny? 3. It's a crap vine.

3. Let's Get Crazy For New Years

The little girl scares me and also, who creates Vines together as a family? Not funny.

4. It's Just Luke's "You Got A Bae or Nah"

The only funny Vine this kid has ever produced is the "Drop It Like It's Hot" Vine. Other than that, his Vines are weak and unoriginal.

5. Hurricane Tortilla

Don't even understand this one.....

6. How Deer Run Across The Street

This could be funny but it just isn't. No one cares how deer cross the street.

7. Zoey 101 Microwave

This is a Vine that is not worth wasting seven seconds of your life on. Trust me.

8. Marlene Can't Take A Compliment

The scream at the end ruins it for me.

9. Guacamole Lady

This is more creepy and sad rather than funny. Like lady, is money really that tight that you need to dance to a guacamole song? Also, nothing is funny about an old lady dancing and singing about guacamole.


Other than the funny faces, there is nothing funny about this Vine.

11. I Shaved My Eyebrows

Why why would you let your child shave their eyebrows for a Vine?

12. Disappointment

When I see this Vine, I question why they chose the intro of "Stiches" by Shawn Mendes to be the background song? Plus, this Vine is stupid; like waddling would really make your dad disappointed?

13. And They Were Roommates

Okay...good to know. Might be funny if you are drunk or sleep deprived but definitely not funny when completely coherent.

14. Shaq Goldbond

This one is just plain weird.

15. Two Free Tacos

Again, unnecessary screaming ruins it for me.

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Vine may be dead but Vine references live on. I still watch Vine threads AT LEAST twice a day. Here are 75 of the most quotable vines:

1. "Ooooooo, he needs some milk."

2. "Hi, welcome to Chili's."

3. "It is Wednesday, my dudes."

4. "Country boy, I love you ahhhwweelhwh..."

5. "Escalera oooooooaaaa!"

6. "F**k ya chicken strips!"

7. "Barbecue sauce on my titties."

8. "Gimme your F**KING money!"

9. "That was legitness."

10. "Ms. Keisha, MS. KEISHA! Oh my f**king God, she f**king dead."

11. "Fre-sha-vocado."

12. "Staaaahp! I coulda dropped my croissant!"

13. "That's my OPINION."

14. "You're not my dad, ugly ass f**king noodle head."

15. "What the f**k, Richard."

16. "This bitch empty, YEET!"

17. "Road work ahead? Yeah, I sure hope it does."

18. "What up, I'm Jared I'm 19, and I never f**king learned how to read."

19. "Um, I'm never been to oovoo javer."

20. "My God, they were roommates."

21. "Why are you running, why are you running?"

22. "Whoever threw that paper, your mom's a hoe."

23. "I can't swim."

24. "Lebron James."

25. "It's an avocado, thanksssss..."

26. "Mother trucker dude, that hurt like a butt cheek on a stick."

27. "Watch your profanity."

28. "I love you bitch, I ain't never gonna stop loving you, biiiiiitch."

29. "What are thoooooose?"

30. "I smell like beef."

31. "You better stop."

32. "What the F**K IS UP KYLE?"

33. "Come get y'all juice."

34. "Two bros, chilling in a hot tub, 5 feet apart cause they're not gay."

35. "So you just gonna bring me a birthday gift on my birthday to my birthday party on my birthday with a birthday gift?"

36. "I wanna be a cowboy, baby."

37. "Why you always lying?"

38. "Nice Ron" "I sneezed, oh, what, am I not allowed to sneeze?"

39. "I'm washing me and my clothes."

40. "Honey, you've got a big storm coming."

41. "XOXO, gossip girl."

42. "Shoutout to all the pear."

43. "A potato flew around my room before you came."

44. "Chipotle is my life."

45. "Look at all those chickens!"


47. "I like turtles."

48. "It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life, watermelon, INSIDE A WATERMELON."

49. "Deez nuts, HA GOT EM?"

50. "F**k you, I don't want no ravioli."

51. "21."

52. "I'm in my mum's car, broom broom."

53. "Iridocyclitis."

54. "You know what, I'm about to say it."

55. "That is NOT correct."

56. "Uh, I'm not finished" "Oh my God, can you let me do what I need to do?"

57. "I have osteoporosis."

58. "ADAM."

59. "Merry Chrysler."

60. "Wait a minute, who ARE you?"

61. "Try me, bitch."


63. "I didn't get no sleep cause of y'all, y'all not gone get no sleep cause of me!"

64. "Do you want to go see Uncle Cracker or no?"

65. "So no head?"

66. "You got eczema."

67. "I am shooketh."

68. "Hey my name is Trey, I have a basketball game tomorrow."

69. "Can I PLEASE get a waffle?"

70. "There is only one thing worse than a rapist." "A child."

71. "Ah f**k, I can't believe you've done this."

72. "Bitch, I hope the f**k you do."

73. "Two shots of vodka."

74. "F**k off Janet, I'm not going to your f**king baby shower."

75. "JEEEEEZ, Jesus Christ."

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Vine/Katie Ryan

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Break Up With Your Phone, Cause I'm Bored

Take a phone cleanse, please

It's A Beautiful Day To Ignore The Day

It's a Tuesday, late afternoon. The sun is glowing. The birds are certainly chirping and the breeze is a-blowin through the trees and the moss dangles in wisps throughout the branches. But where are you? Where am I? Where are we all? Probably inside, completely ignorant of the beauty that is happening outside our doors with or without our acknowledgment. And we're probably on our phones.

Txt Me Back

Does anyone else cringe with this new weekly report from our trusty iPhone that lets us know just how much time we averaged on our device that week? I do. Every time. And it was such an accomplishment to see that I went down 4 hours from the week before last week. Four hours!!! What even? That is whack that I could even go down that much, that there was even that much, to begin with. I think that we have forgotten how to sit in silence and think, to look around and take in the surroundings. We fill to gaps with apps on our phones instead. We fill the moments we wait for people to text us back with "scroll time" rather than "me time". Rather than look outside and sit in the shade and drink in the fresh air.

Safety Net

I think that our phones have become our safety nets, and this isn't necessarily a bad thing. If I ever feel uncomfortable walking alone to my car, I can whip out my phone and call my mom or my sister and feel a sense of security through being on a call. We use our phones in awkward situations. We use them to locate each other and to make sure everyone is safe. This is all so so so good! But I think we also are using them in circumstances where there is no problem, no emergency, no discomforting scenario. We are learning to be dependent on them. And though it's not all bad, I challenge you to take a walk outside next time you find yourself mindlessly scrolling over the same Instagram feed for the 12th time that hour. Look at the trees and at the birds that fly by you.

Break up with your phone for a sec. You might be less bored.

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